Juicy Couture Downtown Royal Tote

Oh my God, you guys. I’ve found a Juicy Couture handbag that I like without caveat or qualification. Someone bring the smelling salts, I feel faint.

The Juicy Couture Downtown Royal Tote is fine just how it is. I would carry it, and so would a lot of people I know. I wouldn’t even look like a bratty 12-year-old, and that’s usually my chief concern when considering adding some Juicy Couture to the collection.

What we have here is a triumph of editing. The thing that’s almost always wrong with Juicy is that it’s just too much. On the contrary, this bag is understated and chic, and it hits the correct trend note for what’s happening in fashion this season without being too obvious. I’m so surprised at their effort with this one that you could knock me over with a feather. Buy through ShopBop for $348.

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