We’ve seen little from and heard even less about Jack Rabbit Collection, but every time I see one of their bags, I find myself impressed in one way or another. What they seem to do really well is take a simple line or a simple idea, tweak it just so, and make it look new and interesting without making it any more complicated than it needs to be.

And that’s exactly what they did to make the Jack Rabbit Collection Silver Springs Shoulder Bag such a winner.

Jack Rabbit Collection Silver Springs Shoulder Bag

It’s surprising what kind of difference an asymmetrical flap can make on a somewhat minimalistic bag. Instead of looking commonplace, the bag has a clearly “designed” appearance to it. Someone took the time to think about this bag and slightly alter what we’re all used to seeing. The attention required to create something like that is what separates high end bags from those that you can find at any average department store. On top of that, the color is to die for. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $565.

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  • Kelly

    AWESOME colour! great bag…!

  • Sammy

    ha! i love this bag. i don’t know the line, but really like this bag. thanks for the pick. solid. and i’m not a color girl, but i would do this. i would so do this.

  • Lindsey

    This bag rocks! I saw someone with one the other day and I have been thinking about it ever since. It’s not often you see something that is creatively designed AND functional. LOVE IT!

  • Carm

    i am OBSESSED with this line. Fits everything but isn’t too bulky!!!

  • Handbag Addict

    This is such a great bag. Totally simple and functional with that unique edge that says hipster all the way without even trying.

  • Katie

    I am lucky enough to own the JR (black) Concord bag, and love love LOVE it! Classy and original. And now I kinda want this bag. Brilliant color and style. The Easy Rider Hobo is pretty sweet too. Can’t go wrong with the JR collection.

  • Zoe

    Love this bag!! unique design and beautiful color just in time for fall! definate trend starter.

  • Beth

    That bag is HOT! Nothing more need be said.

  • Donna Melas

    This bag looks fabulous…love the color.

  • spanish moss

    love the asymmetry and the color is beautifully rich/g

  • Meagan

    This bag is fabulous! The color is stunning and the leather is incredibly soft. The bag is a good size, has great detailing, and I love the zipper on the flap. The bag is totally functional, yet very trendy. I would definitely look into The Jack Rabbit Collection if you haven’t already, they make some great stuff!

  • Kelly

    J’adore ce sac! Jack Rabbit did it again.