J. Crew tends to escape my mind, but every time I visit their website, without fail, my wish list piles up like that. Meaning very, very quickly. This past virtual trip, it was the J.Crew Marabou Clutch that caught my eager eye. Of course, a clutch covered with feathers isn’t difficult to spot, but what captured my attention was the extreme finesse that the feathers appeared to have.

They look soft and cuddly, much like one of my long-haired stuffed animals was before I spilled medicine all over it. But that’s another story, so let’s just say that it would be best to avoid that situation with this clutch. But that should go without saying, because I know I’d be devastated if I ruined this clutch, the feathers of which were apparently quite painstakingly stitched on row by row. From the fluffy looks of it, it’s quite a lot of rows of stork feathers.

J. Crew Marabou Clutch

In any case, it is without a doubt one of the most glam clutches I’ve seen this fall. Not to mention that it would look wonderful in the snow, as seen in J. Crew’s winter clothing shoot in the Chilean Andes. In any case, though the fashionable factor of this clutch is high, it also has a very cozy look; dress it up with a dress or go for a model-off-duty look with a flannel boyfriend shirt. Buy through J. Crew for $395.

Perfectly Pink

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