It was always about this time during the fall semester that I would start getting irritated with my school bag. Class had been in for six weeks, the first round of tests and papers were done, and things inside my tote bag were looking a mess. I always just carried my laptop and whatever paperback books I needed for my lit classes, so when tests and papers were graded and returned, my bag turned into a nest of crumpled assignments with a stray, empty bottle of Diet Coke here and there, and I would start thinking that it was time for a new bag.

It wasn’t really time for a new bag, it was just time for me to start carrying a folder to put stuff in and throwing away my empty drink bottle at the end of class, but that never occurred to me until after I graduated. If I was still in school now, I’d have my eye on something like the IRO Boker Bag.

IRO Boker Bag

What drew me to it initially were the extra-long handles. If I’m going to be toting around a heavy bag, I want it to be easy to swing onto my shoulder without getting my elbow caught. That’s just a personal pet peeve of mine when it comes to utilitarian bags, and it looks like I’d have no problem with this one.

Another thing that made me smile is the inclusion of outside pockets. Too often, on large tote bags, exterior pockets are totally skipped in favor of putting them inside the bag. The only problem with that is that I’m totally and completely oblivious, and I’ll never heard my phone ring if it’s tucked away inside. In fact, I might forget that it’s there entirely. When you combine those utilitarian extras with the tough-looking, dark-colored exterior, it looks like this tote would be perfect to take to class. <Buy through ShopBop for $396.

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