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It’s rare that color causes a real obstacle to my appreciation of a particular design. Although not every color fits into my wardrobe, I can usually see how they might fit into the wardrobes of others, and thus, I can appreciate their merits. The middling beige-tan color of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Framed Hobo, though? No thanks.

If I were in a diplomatic mood, I might say that it’s the color of a latte. Instead, there’s a grey undertone that I just can’t shake, no matter how faint it might be, and the wrinkly pleated leather at the center makes it sort of look like brains. There, I said it. Brains. Does anyone else see it, or have I had one too many Diet Cokes today?

It’s just a little too squishy and beige. If it was squishy and, say, red? I’d be all about it. Purple? Great. Even black or a blue-undertoned grey would look great, but the combination of the leather and the color is just too off-putting. Other than that, the texture of the leather looks oh-so-touchable and the shape looks perfect for everyday use. Eventually this design will arrive in other colors, and when it does, I’ll be glad to forget about this one. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $498.

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