Perhaps you’ve seen gorgeous drapey dresses in silk and jersey lately at high-end department stores, and, upon closer inspection, you find them to be Halston Heritage. Halston basically keeps coming back, spearheaded by different groups of people who just want to make a rebirth of the brand work. The dresses work. And while I’m a fan of most things flower child, bohemian, and slightly strange, I fail to see how this Halston Heritage Tie Dye Sac Bag fits in with the rest of the new collection.

Sure, there are some awesome tie dyed dresses and rompers, but they’re satin and utterly glamorous and luxe. This bag is canvas, my friends. There’s a slight difference. My annoyance at the lack of continuity aside, I’m a fan of this “sac.” And yes, it’s a “sac,” not a “sack.” Clearly, it’s more chic that way.

All kidding aside, this is a super bag to bring to the beach and add some funk to your modern black cutout bikini and massive sunglasses. In a way, despite the rough fabric, imaging it on a beach or a yacht brings back the glamour of tie dye rather than highlighting its earthiness. But that’s what Halston was all about- carefree, boho glamour and luxury. Buy through Shopbop for $195.

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12 years ago

It’s too much like the bags Old Navy sells every year around this time. It doesn’t seem luxe in any way.

GG Pastel