As soon as I came across this bag I was instantly reminded that sometimes, less really is more. Sure, there are going to be plenty of you who think this bag is far too boring to give a second glance, but it might be worth that second glance after all. The Eileen Fisher Large Leather Hobo demonstrates how sticking to the basics can actually do a handbag some good.

Traditionally speaking, I look for bags that have an element of surprise to them. Some bags are loud and out there and others just look like a bunch of leather and a shoulder strap. This bag is a combination of the two. The black leather is smooth and smooshy. Yes, it typical hobo fashion, this is a large bag (dimensions: 15″W X 14″H X 5″D), but that is what should be expected from a hobo. If you spend some time to look a little closer, you will see a twisted leather strap, tassels and ring details on the bag. All of this being said, don’t you think this bag would be a perfect go-to? Buy through Saks for $338.

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