Well isn’t this…special.

Sometimes I wonder if doing stuff like the Dooney & Bourke Pop Novelty Horizontal Tote dilutes Dooney & Bourke‘s brand and ultimately hurts them. I know that they sell a decent amount of this stuff, but if they left the saccharine tween nastiness to Juicy Couture and spent more energy (and marketing dollars) on bags like this one, perhaps they would be able to cultivate a more stylish audience for themselves (and also, probably one with more expendable income). So why, oh why, do they continue to do this?

Really…why? That wasn’t a rhetorical question, because I don’t have any answers. The brand seems to vacillate so wildly between cutesy, schlocky crap for spoiled 12-year-olds and tailored, well-edited bags for grown women that it seems logical that some of the potential customers for the latter types of bags might be discouraged by the existence of the former.

I, for one, have never bought any Dooney & Bourke bags, in large part because half of their brand image is in such diametric opposition to my personal style. In essence, I don’t want to give the company any more money to fund the manufacture of bags like this one. I know they’d lose sales by abandoning this market, but they’ve proven themselves capable of designing bags that grown women would be proud to carry in the past – I simply wish they’d do it more often. Buy through Nordstrom for $195.

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    I disagree I am not a D & B fan but i really like this bag.. It is fun and just very pretty… and at a price point of $195.00 good for the consumers pocket

    • CarolineLondon

      I’ve surprised myself by liking it too!
      Might have to buy one for summer – my polka dot Longchamp (medium Pliage shape with long handles but in fabric rather than nylon) I found in the sale in a department store in Paris has just about had it and this looks like a good replacement!

  • MO

    I wouldn’t carry this bag if you paid me. However…the same can be said of any label, even my favorite high-end brands. Every design won’t be for everybody, and D&B is apparently positioning itself to grab entry level consumers and build brand loyalty that will transition them into the purchase of more expensive products. It may not be for me, but it’s for somebody.

  • jayne

    I think the pattern is cute and summery and reminiscent of the flower children of the late 60’s. But I’d prefer it in a larger sac style. This type of bag is loved by the tweens, which has become a huge buying market. I’m amazed how many young kids I see with
    dooney and Coach bags. I remember saving allowance and part time job money for a year to get my first Coach.

  • Kim

    I disagree, I think this bag is awesome in black. I think that D&B have a great selection of handbags for any age group from teens to moms and for grandmothers too. So what if you don’t like this bag that is what makes the world go around we do all have opinions. Why do you really care about this bag? Remember you said you have never purchased a D&B nor do you plan too so what is your reason for really caring?

  • tn requin

    So what if you don’t like this bag that is what makes the world go around we do all have opinions.tn requinwhat is your reason