Is it just me, or does the Cole Haan Ruched Leather Satchel look a good bit more polished and sophisticated than your average sub-$400 bag?

It doesn’t have a great deal of personality, but it does have a rather clean, simple look to it that I think a lot of women would find attractive, but it’s not too rigid and stuffy to be usable outside of an office setting. I’m pleased. Are you?

Cole Haan Ruched Leather Satchel

The leather might be soft, or it might be that deceptively slouchy stuff that actually feels like and elephant’s butt when you touch it, it’s impossible to tell from here. But it does look reasonably touchable and just casual enough, and the ruching is a nice touch to give the bag a bit of specialness that they could have easily skipped and still sold a decent number of bags. I can’t praise it too vocally, since it’s still kind of boring, but for the price I think it’s a nice effort. Buy through Saks for $395.

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