So, tell me something, do you own as many wallets as you do handbags? Well, perhaps you won’t own just as many, but are you someone who switches up your wallets just as much as you switch up your handbags? Sadly, I am not. I tend to have one or two wallets that I work with and rotate in and out of my favorite bags. However, I do find myself coming across more and more wallets that make me want to change my previous practice.

My admiration for Cole Haan leathers has been growing with each passing item. I don’t care if it is a handbag, a wallet, a belt or shoes, Cole Haan knows how to execute a design with fabulous leather extremely well. This black Cole Haan Bailey Leather Travel Wallet is a great go-to wallet that would be ideal for someone like me who doesn’t switch up my wallets that often. Delicate ruching and pleating help add a bit of detail to the otherwise simplistic wallet. Of course, open the wallet and find tons of card slots, two bill holders and a center divider. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $148.

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  • LaToya

    I think this a cute wallet. I love zip around wallets.

  • Handbag Lover

    Funny, i just asked Amanda how much would she pay for a wallet last night. I have a kate spade zip around wallet and a gucci wallet but now i am looking for one with a pen holder. I received a mont blanc pen and i want to use it and keep it in my wallet. The one i found at LV was 700 plus dollars. Too much money but i LOVE it, I am not looking for a coach wallet that i can get for les money, pure leather and red. :) My mom always said a woman that has a red Wallet will have more money. It is an old saying her mother told her, silly but cute, i think, that is why i am trying to change up my old brown wallet for a hot red one. :)

  • reneeo

    I DO have as many wallets as purses (and it’s quite a large collection). I wondered if anyone else is as nuts as I am. I change wallets all the time but I don’t really think that it is a good idea. No matter how careful I am in the transfer, I occasionally mess up and it’s annoying. Red is my fav wallet color–it’s very easy to find at the bottom of your purse!

  • Jane

    I used to be a one wallet girl, but I am trying to expand my changing of wallets because there are so many cute wallets these days I can’t help but want more and more. I have a Cole Haan wallet its the penny loafer wallet. I love it so much. I would buy many more Cole Haan wallets in the future and this could be one of those. (fb)

  • Leslie

    I would love to have as many wallets as I do purses. My bf’s sister has basically a wallet to match each of her purse and I always thought it would be sweet to have something like that. (fb)

  • marian t

    cute wallet, maybe i will be adding wallets to match my purses! (fb)

  • Anita

    Really like the pleating! (fb)

  • Leticia

    I only have one wallet, but I often feel the need for a smaller one for when I’m carrying a smaller purse. I’ve been through a thousand wallets and never in my entire life have I found one that fits all of my stuff while being practical and light. The one I have now is super practical, super light. But of course it doesn’t fit everything I’d like to carry and is falling apart, not to mention super dirty! =( (fb)

  • Kelley

    I change up my wallets to match the purse…….almost always….I still don’t have any Cole Haan yet…..i do like the look for this wallet though :)