Is Coach trying to emulate the Power Puff girls? Perhaps I’m missing something, but this mini collection within Poppy is really quite awkward, unless if you’re thirteen. I mean, I’m sure this Coach Poppy Pepper Slim Tote could be worn ironically à la Japanese Harajuku girl style, but it’s not the sort of bag you want to clomp into the office with on Monday morning. You’d get looks.

Coach makes too many good bags for me to let this one slide- it’s constructive criticism, my friends. I mean, the Coach website says the following about this questionable tote: “Spice up your fashion profile this spring, and give the world a knowing wink.” Really? Really. Perhaps people passing you on the street would give you knowing winks, a knowing wink just meaning a sympathetic wink accompanies by a slightly terse smile. I got one of those mere minutes by a fellow computer lab user just for looking at this tote.

Oh guys, let’s not forget that you can buy a whole set of these totes! That’s right: there’s the cherry, the Pinky (and the Brain?), the Lemon, and the Minty. How nice. You can really build a well-rounded collection with these! But if you’re really into these totes (and are thirteen years old) then buy through Nordstrom for $198.

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  • 19yearslater

    I like the Poppy girls. They remind me of Miss Marc and the Harajuku Girls bags. It’s not meant for taking to the office, I don’t think. I like this one, Pepper, as well as Minty. I don’t mind Cherry either.

  • mochababe73

    I have seen these bags in person. The first thing that I said when I saw them was, “How cute!”. I am FAR from being 13. I am a teacher, and I would use this bag to carry my “teacher stuff” in a minute. At that price, however, a teacher really can’t afford it.

    Life is too short to be serious about a bag that is supposed to be about fun.

  • Audrey H

    Maybe as a beach/poolside bag, or throw all the kids stuff into carry all but not at that price.

  • Maria S.

    I have said I would NEVER own a Coach purse (because they are boring, overrated, and played out IMO)… and here I am carrying the “Pepper” tote. I am far from being 13, but am a huge fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs as well as pop art and Japanese fashion… I couldn’t pass this one up. Just because it is not to your taste doesn’t mean that there is not a market out there for this line! By the sound of it, YOU could not get away with wearing this bag, but I have been stopped many times already and witnessed first hand the reaction on peoples faces when I say its a Coach. Good for you Coach, keep it up!

  • sevilla

    I agree with Anna – Coach is missing the mark with this one. Maybe they need to create a different ‘brand’ under the Coach name. I guess as long as Coach continues with its dependable classics then there’s no harm done. Is there?

  • abitnerdy

    I wouldn’t pay COACH prices for this, but it’s a great foray into pop art :) (fb)

  • coachbags

    coach bags It looks very nobleVery cute

  • michelle

    I think it is cute and would be a good tote for running errands, taking my kids out, stuff like that. But I wouldn’t pay retail for it.

  • Pat Spielberg

    I am not 13 either – in fact, I’m pretty close to 60. But I’m still a fan of the Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, Japanese anime… I think Coach is being brilliant at attempting to attract a younger customer. I always thought Coach products were staid and never thought I would buy one of their bags, but there’s a first time for everything. Being young is a state of mind!

  • Desiree

    I have the updated version of the Poppy Pepper tote. It features a full body shot of Pepper carrying one of Coach’s other totes (the Glam-which I also own, incedentally). I think Coach is right on with these totes featuring the ‘Coach Girls’, and I am 35. It is supposed to be fun and cute and eyecatching, that is why it is in the Poppy collection of Coach. It is not supposed to be traditional Coach. The company developed the Poppy collection for FUN. They were trying to appeal to youth with the styles and price points in the Poppy collection. If you ask me………..EPIC WIN.

  • Nat

    “omg” in a bad way.