As I’ve said before, I am not one to wear flashy feathers or sequins or even sparkles. But this Coach Poppy Feather Crossbody has single-handedly made me like colored feathers in addition to restoring my faith in the somewhat iffy Coach Poppy line. I really can’t say much about this little bunch of joyous purple feathers except that it’s a bag fit for a diva- or the girl next door. Allow me to explain.

Because it’s tiny and utterly adorable, it’s suitable for people even outside of the over-the-top-give-me-sequins-I-need-sequins camp of dressing. And yes, there are people who are that obsessed with sequins. I know them. But this bitty bag smacks of glamour in a way that’s not completely obnoxious or even slightly insane. No, here the feathers add just the right dose of spice without going razzle-dazzle crazy.

Coach Poppy Feather Crossbody Bag

It’s a bag to add some zest to your outfit, to spiffy up a casual outfit and make it fit into that strange label “dressy-casual.” And lastly, the added plus is that it’s a crossbody, meaning that you can dance the night away and not worry about leaving it off to the side. And, Coach Poppy? Please, please give us more. Buy through Nordstom for $298.

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13 years ago

This is a super yummy bag.. I have seen it at the store and it has all the bling you need without it being to over the top…

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