This is exciting! Bluefly just picked up a new designer. A new designer that I have only heard a bit about, but I am so glad to see that he’s been picked up by a large site like Bluefly. I could only imagine the rush a designer must feel when an online retail store, or any large outlet like that picks up your line.

Well, in my own way I felt a sense of excitement to see this designer and several of his designs on Bluefly. The first bag that popped out at me was the Christopher Kon Jaime Large Hobo.

For many of you out there, you might find this bag boring, however, I find it rather refreshing. The shape is one that you’ve seen before, but it is the pleating along the front and back that make this bag worth a second glance. I am pretty sure the leather is as touchable in person as it is from this stock image. I’d go for this bag in blue, but you can get it in black as well. The 8″ drop makes me think that it would be ok on your shoulder, but I am pretty sure I’d carry it on my arm instead. Yet, still, the best thing about this bag is that it combines a classic look with just a bit of a trendy aspect. Buy through Bluefly for $255.

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