If there’s anything that I know handbag designers have been inspired by throughout the years, it’s the classic black doctor’s satchel. As a young girl, I’d ask my dad why he didn’t have one and he answered that they were outdated, among other reasons. But that specific reason has been proved incorrect; while not many doctors use the bags, fashionistas the world around have adopted it with glee. Enter the most modern reincarnation: the Botkier Copper Convertible Hobo.

Botkier Copper Convertible Hobo
What makes this version so modern is that while it lacks the classic framed opening, it retains the thickly structured hand straps. From there, the shape of the bag emulates the historical, but the detailing is all quintessentially Botkier. Take, for example, the short tassels swinging from the almost invisible zippers and the exquisitely sculptured hinge on the handles. My favorite detail, though, has to be the double buckle on the detachable shoulder strap. It adds a bit of edginess to an otherwise wonderfully nubby everyday bag.

The scrunchably touchable leather is another Botkier staple, and it fits right in. Filled to the brim, the hobo has a properly medical vibe, but slouchy the bag is transformed into a hipster’s paradise. Botkier’s take on the time-old tote is certainly the versatile in a sea of structure. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $595.

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