One of the best new development on the mid-range handbag market is the sudden growth in availability of fashionable, ethical bags and accessories. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but having a multitude of options available is what makes it possible to create a unique personal style, and the fashion choices that one makes say a lot more than some would like to believe.

I’m obviously not personally opposed to leather, but having a viable and stylish alternative is in the best interest of the industry of the whole, and probably in the best interest of the planet as well. Plus, bags like the Big Buddha Taylor Bag demonstrate to those that may be questioning whether or not they want to wear leather that they can still look great without it.

Big Buddha Taylor Bag

This bag obviously takes a page from the Bottega Veneta playbook, but I don’t think you could really call it a knock-off – the styles don’t seem similar to me. The contrast in texture between the smooth trim and the small- and large-scale weaving is interesting to look at without being too busy or unattractive, and Big Buddha does a better job than most of making their materials as leather-like as possible. This would be a fantastic, reasonably priced everyday bag for a girl in her late teens or 20s. Buy through Luna Boston for $95.

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  • Jane

    Wow, I was fooled, I thought that this bag was leather. It is a beautiful bag with an even better price tag.

  • JennMSU

    over the summer, i met a friend of a friend and she had this bag! i recognized it from a thread on tPF and said, is that a big buddha? she was floored that i knew the brand! it’s a really cute bag. slouchy, fun, not heavy at all. i’m thiiiiiis close to getting it myself! they have a few colors at ebags.