You know exactly what to expect with a handful of designers. Case in point, Betsey Johnson. I never expect to see something boring or detail-less when I see her name attached to anything. Frankly, it’s simply not her style. Moreover, I don’t know what I would think if I saw just a plain black bag. I might go into some kind of handbag shock.

The name of this clutch, bet it a mouthful, describes itself perfectly. While the Betsey Johnson We’re Just Frilled Studded and Ruffled Leather Clutch isn’t the first one I would grab off of a shelf, I can appreciate it for what it is worth. In fact, it is almost as if Betsey turned down the volume a bit in order to get the point across a bit better. The nicely sized clutch (11.5″W x 7.25″H x 1″D) boasts frills and studs all at once. As you can see, the ruffles aren’t over the top – in fact – they are rather understated resulting in your eye being drawn to the ruffles and studs all at once. It’s a pretty cute clutch, especially if you are looking for something with just a hint of edge and all at a decent price. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $168.

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  • Arielle

    I have to agree, one of the reasons I like Betsey I because of her over the top style and fearless designs…I hope this isn’t a sign of thing to come, lol!

  • Melissa

    I totally agree with both of you. I love Betsey Johnsons designs and when i saw the title of this blog i assumed it was going to be an over the top frilly bag but this clutch falls into the plain boring designs of every other designer. You could probably find this bag for $10 at any store if your just wanted a plain bag. (fb)

  • Jane

    I like this clutch it has just enough of the ruffles and the studs to stand out, but in a way that isn’t over the top and obnoxious. I really like the clutch for what it is, but its not special enough for me to buy. I will save my pennies for other spring bags. (fb)

  • Anita

    I really like this!(fb)

  • Mochababe73

    Not a fan of Betsey Johnson’s clothing or her accessories. For me, it’s too over the top. I am a fan of classic American style so that I can add my own twist. The bag is definitely a departure from her usual style so, for the right price, I would purchase a bag like this. For me, I cannot pay that much money for a clutch. Save up another $100 or so, and I can get a real handbag. (fb)

  • Shannon

    I really like this, even though it is rather toned-down for a Betsey bag. I can definitely see this being very popular during the upcoming prom season. (fb)


    Betsey Johnson’s is just fun she has such great idea’s…