So here is the deal. I don’t really like Betsey Johnson handbags. There are just way too out there for me. At the same time, I can totally take that flashy aspect when it is a demonstrated on a smaller bag. Today was the first day, I think ever, in my entire life, that I came across a Betsey Johnson bag that I really liked.

The Betsey Johnson Hold Stud-Y Patent Leather Zip Pouch is beyond out there, but it is perfect as a pouch. This vibrant pink patent leather pouch is adorned with large, extremely visable pyramid studs. While the pouch looks rather small, it is actually large enough for both an interior and cell phone pocket. Surprising, I know. Even the most straight laced, clean lined loving woman could get some good use out of this spunky pouch. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $118.

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  • Loquita

    I actually like several of Betsey Johnson’s handbags – she has a great sense of humor as a designer – though I truly dislike the Betseyville line. That said, I agree with your take on this pouch, Shannon…it’s adorable!


    I like Betsey Johnson’s handbags and I love Betseyville line. I think her work is different and interesting and that works for me.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I COULD really like this if it was smaller, say a card or key purse. As a mini accessory it would be hot to stack the credit cards in it. I am looking for THE mini card purse at the moment, hard to go past Marc Jacobs but Betsey could sway me if they included a mini version.

  • AW

    Not sure what I would use this for but I wouldn’t say no if someone slipped that into my hand :)