Beirn will always be a noticeable and recognizable brand to me because they use an especially unique and fresh medium for their bags; the watersnake. I’ve rarely seen a watersnake bag or accessory that is not Beirn, and this Beirn Jenna Hand-Painted Tote reaffirms the attraction that so many feel to this brand.

Berin Jenna Hand-Painted Tote

The tote takes the traditional Beirn shape, that mix between a hobo and a tote, but completely takes it in a new direction by having it be hand-painted in colored splotches rather than having it singly stained by one shade. It’s a welcome change, one that revitalizes the bag and simultaneously makes it appear both sophisticated and artsy.

For any of those who’ve felt a Beirn bag, the appeal is clear; the bags are lightweight but have a special sheen that comes from a combination of the nature of the watersnake and the special painting process. Simply said, it’s an exotic bag with a quirky Crayola touch that won’t have you scrambling for spare change after the buy. And the best part? The tote is completely foldable, meaning that it’s packable and can accompany you to all corners of the world- or even just around the corner to your office. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $350.

Perfectly Pink

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