I think I might be taking crazy pills, but I find myself totally enamored of the Coach Sequins Spotlight Bag that some of Little Jenny Humphrey’s high school minions were sporting on last night’s new episode of Gossip Girl.

They had the bag, which is part of Coach‘s teenage-focused Poppy line, in three different colors, and I loved each more than the last. But for a fall/winter season where so many things are black and silver, wouldn’t red be a great addition to so many outfits?

Coach Sequins Spotlight Bag

When I tracked it down today to take a look at what could possibly be my next bag purchase, I was kind of disappointed in the photos. But then, I started mentally removing things from the bag – the extra shoulder strap would be the first to go, of course. And then the slightly gaudy COACH plastic bag charm. If there was a way to yank the shoelace drawstrings out of the sides, I’d do that too.

And what I’m left with is what I saw on the show – a glam-rock, over-the-top bag that would look great against a black and grey outfit. If you want to make it even more glam rock, the black version would add some sparkle nicely as well. The sequins are attached to cotton twill, so it should slouch nicely. The only thing I wonder about is how heavy the sequins would make it, but for something that so easily satisfies the sequins trend, I’m not sure I care. Buy through Nordstrom for $398.

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  • Megs

    I love it too, love love love it! Sequins are so huge and Coach gives us a great option

  • Jessica Jean Benson

    I like it as well… I could see myself remove the gaudy plastic COACH keyring and show-lace stings, but I like the extra strap! I actually like it works.


    This bag looks better in person than in any add and it looks lovely in the adds. Even though is to bling Bling for me it is just a great specialty piece. This bag also looks great in silver.

  • denim53

    I love it’s beautiful gaudiness and was so excited when I recognized it on Gossip Girl! Does everyone here watch the show for the bags? (I know I do)!

  • ottercat

    OMG. Holy Vegas sparkle vomit in a gutter. Then mop it up with a Coach logo bag. No thanks. Too “arts and crafts table” for me.

  • 19yearslater

    The red one is so very Wizard of Oz, I love it. It’s harder to find than the silver, but worth it, probably.

  • Mishiem

    Cute bag. I wouldn’t carry it but I can appreciate the look!

  • John 5

    It’s a little too “out there”… it looks like something created for Valentine’s Day by a grade school art student. :/

  • Colleen

    1989 called, they want their bag back

  • Tina

    NO! Amanda, please say it isn’t true! Usually I love each and every bag that you do but this is a complete atrocity.

  • kallie girl

    Oh, gosh, it hurts my eyes!

  • kaia

    omg i love this bag i just bought it today in black… its fab!

  • karen

    this is my second fav bag after the kira bag!

  • Theresa

    I just received this bag as a gift and I Love sequins which means I love this bag <3 ! Thanks coach for thinking of us who likes the Bling.

  • zeinab almanfi

    omg omg i love this bag does anyone knw how much this cost?