All You Need Multi Pocket Crossbody Satchel


I have to credit this one to my mom – she sees faces in just about any bag you can imagine (she’s particularly fond of the one on my Marc Jacobs Stam). Apparently looking at inanimate objects and seeing human characteristics is a left brain vs. right brain type of issue, and while I have no problem seeing them when they’re pointed out, my mom sees them constantly and without any prompting.

But this one is so obvious that you have to almost wonder whether the designers of the All You Need Multi Pocket Crossbody Satchel intended it to be there. After all, what are those two eyes there for if not to form part of a face?

Despite the fact that this bag is looking at me, I think it’s pretty nice. The leather is a great color and doesn’t appear to be too stiff, despite the fact that it has a glossy finish. The gold hardware compliments in well, and the handle choice is something that a lot of people find convenient. All that, and the price is quite reasonable. Buy through Nordstrom for $245.

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