Posting a bag that looks like this always makes me a little nervous. Well, scratch that. Posting a bag like this only makes me nervous when I LIKE it, and I feel like I’m about to be told how wrong I am and how ugly it is. Bloggers have feelings to. Well, sort of, anyway.

But I can’t help it. I think the Alison Wood Max’s Kansas City Hobo is really interesting and well-executed. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. You will not convince me otherwise! Plus, it’s a bag that not all of your friends have (yet).

Alison Wood Max's Kansas City Hobo

I’ll admit that I have absolutely no context when it comes to this designer, except what the little blurb on Neiman Marcus’s website tells me – she lives in New York, the materials are from Italy. And, really, that’s all the context I need in order to know that I love this bag and want one for fall.

We’ve all hated on bags similar to this one before (I know I have…), but to me, there’s a big difference between a fringe-y catastrophe and the obviously judicious use of shredded leather that forms this bag’s body. If nothing else, it’s worth a zoom-in: the leather is a variety of subtly different colors and types, and it all comes together into an elegantly controlled chaos that is positively alluring.

The small differences in the color are what makes the bag for me, and they really bring out the interesting construction of this particular hobo. It’s just messy enough without being too messy, and the slightly disheveled look is one that’s huge among starlets right now. If the designer knows what’s good for her, she’ll be sending these bags out to Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and all their buddies – the fashion media would be abuzz about her line in no time. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $595.

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