You know, I didn’t really expect Yves Saint Laurent to go along with the stud trend. Their bags are so consistently understated and sleek that I didn’t think they’d subscribe to such an edgy and obvious trend, but I was wrong, and very happily so.

The Yves Saint Laurent Studded Satchel is a trendy bag with a decidedly refined touch.

Yves Saint Laurent Studded Satchel

The base of the bag is one that we’re all very familiar with – YSL has done a million and one things with it over the past few seasons and has produced more iterations than I’ve been able to keep track of (the stamped sequin version has been my favorite until now). It follows logically that if they were going to chase a trend, they’d do it with this bag as the root of the design, since it’s the shape that they use as a canvas most often. Instead of spreading the studs throughout the bag, they’re all concentrated on the stitched Y-shape in the middle of the bag, and they’re not the studs that we’ve been seeing from other designers for fall. Instead of grungy looking and industrial, they’re smooth, flat, shiny silver circles that fit easily into the minimalist bags that we’ve seen from them lately.

They’ve taken the trend and made it their own, and I’d love to have this bag in my closet.

Buy through Saks for $1895.

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  • MizzJ

    Gorgeous. This bag will surely outlast the stud trend!

  • I LOVE this YSL bag!

  • atrophia

    Oh, I really love this.

  • Cats


  • Neesa

    Its chic, trendy n definitely a must have bag

  • Beth

    Yuk, boring, overdone… snooze… sorry.

  • Anita

    Love it.

  • Rashida

    it is stunning

  • Cathy

    Actually, I was very surprised by the studs – from far away, it looks some fancy shmancy plaid pattern, but up close realized it was studs. Either way – pretty!

  • fashionistaO

    studs will always be mainstream, just like rocker chic …. nice to see such audience. There’s a rocker in all of us … ^5

  • soooooon

    wow…i love it

  • ayuafero

    i really love this bag…. did any1 know the price???

  • stacey

    $1895 0 pretty hard to find – mostly sold out

  • stacey

    do you all like the studded bag better than the bag with patent leather Y??

  • Emma G

    Love it (ipad)