When we covered this tote in yellow python back in March, what tripped up most people was the price – $4500 is a lot for a bag, whether or not it’s exotic. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for a regular leather version, and lo and behold, the Salvatore Ferragamo Plume Patchwork Bag finally came along to grant my wish.

Even in a decidedly more pedestrian material, the design of this bag holds up to scrutiny. It’s a little bit left-of-center when you compare it to your average tote with an extra shoulder strap, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’m frankly surprised that I have anything positive to say about this bag, since normally any combination of the words “brown” and “patchwork” make me kind of itchy and uncomfortable. In this instance, though, they strike just the right note – the bags in this collection have all struck me as having a significant safari influence.

I don’t wear much brown (or any brown at all, really), but the milk chocolate color of this leather makes me sort of wish I did. It’s a perfect shade for classic brown lovers, and it makes this tote an unexpectedly timeless piece. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $1795.

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  • Jan

    I love this bag and Ferragamo in general! I have a few of his bags and the leather is so soft and the bags hold up very well. Just wish the price tag was lower!

  • mochababe73

    I am the opposite. I don’t really care for black handbags.
    I have been wanting a bag like this, and it actually looks big enough for me to carry everyday. Maybe I will stop by the ferragamo store today and take a peek.

  • Ferragamo makes stunning bags. I wish we could see more!

  • Margryg

    That’s quite a stylish looking bag! Iagree that the price is on the high side too.

  • Lianne

    Love it, love it, love it. Mind you, I love bags in that shade of brown. But it’s also a gorgeous looking bag as well as a gorgeous colour.

  • Sofia Nolan

    that`s not brown first of all, it is bronze :)

    • Looks brown to me and everyone else that commented on what a nice shade of brown it is…

  • Anita

    That is a gorgeous bag. It does look a little more like a bronze color to me, at least in the picture. I do think it could go either way. Whatever the color, this is a bag I would love to own.

  • annabelle

    metallic brown (not sure about the gleam) but i love the bag itself. i love my black hobo ferragamo and liking this one as well (fb)

  • llson

    Love it!!

  • Nola

    It’s bronze metallic, from the new F/W 2010 collection. Last season’s mercurio color is also gorgeous. Ferragamo bags are completely underrated.

  • James

    This is a beautiful bag. Not too young looking though, Ferragamo leathers are exquisite

  • Raul

    Once you see this bag in person you will understand the price.

  • Ellen

    I am sorry to disagree with everyone, but I think that this bag is very average looking. I don’t like the extra strap and I think the stitching looks tacky. (ipad)