JT Italia HB Satchel

Vlad and I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know JT Italia Handbags one-on-one. After featuring the line a month ago, we realized that without seeing, touching, and learning about the bags in person we were missing out. Jeffrey Parker (the J of JT) and I worked out a meeting between Purse Blog and JT Italia bags in person, which included a box filled with goodies to review. By having the bags in our hands, we have been able to inspect every detail, have me try them on, and really learn what the bags are all about. Can I just tell you that these bags show a love and true understanding of handbags with each and every stitch, with the leather chosen, with the attention to detail. There is no detail or piece left behind when it comes to JT Italia Handbags, in fact the focus relies so heavily on every detail it was hard to capture to show you all.

JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440 JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440

One of my favorite bags from the line is the JT Italia HB Satchel in white leather with a red edge paint/finish. The combination of stark white buffalo leather with a slightly cream lambskin body sent me into a deep love right away. There is a difference between leathers, and you only will know this if you have felt and examined many bags by many designers. Compare bags in your collection, you will feel the difference. JT implements a lambskin that is so supple I would easily confuse it with a huge design house rather than a newer-to-the market designer. The shape is another design perfection. It is as if Jeffrey and Tony listened to the women of the world and actually designed a bag that is flattering and easy to wear season to season.

JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440 JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440 JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440 JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440

But the true time, love, hours, and energy go into the details of each and every JT Italia bag. By looking at one of these bags, even if just for a second, you can see the attention given to each small piece. And with each small piece not being neglected, comes an overwhelmingly stunning finished product. The two top handles feature hand-braided leather details, which add a dimension that takes the bag away from being what is expected. Along with this, the top handles are functionally adjustable with 11 holes, which means the bag at its loosest hole will fit over your shoulder. I preferred it to be handheld, but after a long day of carrying the bag, I would love to have the option to throw it over my shoulder. The handles are made with a sturdier buffalo leather which is a tad stiff at first, but with use with soften up and be easier to adjust.

As I said previously, the details on this bag are mind-boggling. The outside of the bag has a pouch pocket on the front, but it is not something I would use with an important object. The pocket could easily hold your cell phone or keys, but the fact that it is a looser pouch makes me a tad wary that whatever I place in it may fall out. Another aspect that is paid close attention to is the hardware. The gold hardware is so intricate that it would be considered more of stand alone jewelry than hardware for a bag. The signature JT ring dangles from the front of the bag giving an elegant finishing touch. The inside of the bag could be flipped outside and stand on its own as a stunning bag. Red leather lines the interior, which coincides perfectly with the red edge paint finish on the outside. The interior also features two pouch pockets, one large zip pocket, and a two slots to hold pens/pencils.

JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440 JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440 JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440 JT Italia HB Satchel - AIR Collection - White - $3,440

The fact that the designers did not neglect one single detail proves that they are in it for the long haul, trying to win over an audience that will not settle for mediocrity. I fell in love with this bag from the start. If I were forced to think of one negative I would say the bag is a tad heavy. But then again, you could remove the signature JT ring and chain to take some weight off. But the bag heightens your senses and lures you in. You can not help but stare, and begin to realize that with every detail, the other bags in your collection may be lacking. JT Handbags showcase a handbag that stands on its own, timeless, classic, and elegant. The volume and draping of the bag and leather pop. As Jeffrey from JT told me, “It is really in all of the visible and not always visible details that make the bags JT.”

The JT Italia HB Satchel is available exclusively through Lux Couture for $3,440. Sari carries it in cream (divine!), navy, red, and can order white (featured).

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