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There is nothing more invigorating for a handbag enthusiast than to be introduced to a new line that excites you. There are so man ordinary handbag designers out there now, in fact, the handbag world is cluttered with designers and it becomes hard to sift through the masses to find the gems. There is a new gem that will be on the talk of the handbag world soon enough, and that is JT Handbags. I was introduced to the line by Sari Brown from Lux Couture and then further introduced through emails and phone calls from the duo Jeffrey Parker and Tony Ta, the “J” and the “T” of JT. The men behind JT Handbags considered themselves to grow up professionally in New York, but decided to move to Florence, Italy where the right product with the right artisans could be created.

JT Italia HB Satchel in Red Eel - $3,900.00, EUR 2,950Florence is well-known, but many do not realize that a huge bulk of designer houses and designers work right out of Florence. At times you can walk through the streets and catch a scent of the fresh leather seeping under doorways, letting you know behind those doors a handbag that you may carry is being made. JT Handbags was not rushed into production, rather Jeffrey and Tony spent two years perfecting their debut collection and launched in October 2007. The worked long enough and perfected the designs impeccably, as the love and hype surrounding the brand is growing exponentially daily.

From speaking with the designers and learning more about their brand and their attitude it is apparent that they take a fresh approach on all that they do. For the JT Handbags showroom they converted a 1952 double decker London bus with hosted a reception and a showing of their collection. The idea was imaginative and will surely stick in the minds of those that attended for years to come.

JT Italia Launch Party  JT Italia Launch Party

JT Italia Launch Party  JT Italia Launch Party

JT Italia prides themselves in doing what they do well. They want their bags to be introduced to select retail partners and discerning clientele. And while the push is not to be an overnight sensation rather a slow and deliberate growth, the JT Handbag designs are organically creating their own stir and hype. It is not shocking then that a star like Rihanna was spotted carrying the JT Italia HB Satchel in red eel skin.

JT Italia MC Large Hobo in White - Air Group - $2,495.00On to the bags! The only problem that I am faced with now is having never touched the bags in person, and yes, that must be changed. To really know a bag you must feel it. Touch it, look at it, try it on. See how each and every stitch is made, the quality of the inside as well as the outside. And this I plan on doing shortly, so I can bring you a personal account of what a JT handbag is like in person. For now though I can tell you about what they offer and what to expect from the design duo.

The Spring/Summer 2008 collection carries four lines; Earth, Water, Air, and Paradise. Each bag is meticulously crafted, adding subtle hints of leather genius throughout. The exclusive distributor for the JT Italia Handbags online is Lux Couture. Her stock is usually stocked with more than the web site may suggest, give her a call, mention Purse Blog sent you and she’ll find you what you are looking for.

Below are some of my favorite bags from JT Italia along with the prices:

jt handbags satchel
JT HB Satchel in Flesh | $3,440.00 via Lux Couture
Made entirely by hand, this voluminous bag is practically couture and absolutely stunning.

jt handbags tote
JT UL Tote in Navy | $2,495.00 via Lux Couture
This updated take on the classic bowling bag, is brilliantly modern and fabulously luxurious.

JT Italia YY Clutch - Paradise Group - $2,290.00
JT YY Clutch, embroidered linen trimmed in buffalo | $2,290.00 inquire at Lux Couture

We will post additional information on JT Italia handbags in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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  • lka

    I had a chance to see this line “in the flesh” this past weekend in NYC at Henri Bendel, the exclusive U.S. retail source for JT. They are everything the hype suggests. The workmanship is exquisite and detailed inside and out. Everything about the bags is first class. Only 2 problems for me: (1) so far, I only saw 2 sizes, large and small. I think they could do with a mid-size, especially in light of problem (2) the large size bags, while tremendously attractive, are on the heavy side, even empty. I’m 5’8″ and love large bags, but the weight of these bags gave me pause. However, I’m still dreaming about them…Looking forward to hearing more from you on them.

    • I am really looking forward to seeing the bag, trying it on, feeling it, and giving a more detailed description (and pictures). They sound divine!

  • maic

    Ahh I’m IN LOVE with the JT UL tote… but at 2495 my bank account would disown me… Time to stop buying food :)

    Seriously gorgeous bags.

  • dela

    The more you look at them the better you like them. Their bags in flesh and white tones are truly striking.
    JT HB Satchel in Flesh is now on my list. Thanks for bringing them to our attention Megs.

    • The flesh color I love too!!

      I wanted to cover these bags, but had to say that I have not seen them in person. Luckily I will have the pleasure to do so shortly and I am really looking forward to it! Def may be on of my next purchases!

    • GH

      I wouldn’t dare spend that kind of money on a handbag…no matter how nice looking it is!!!!!

  • GiseleB

    These JT hangbags are Absolutely Stunning! I saw these bags in Henri Bendels-NY. I went absolutely crazy…the details in these handbags are amazing… you will realized that it’s worth every penny! The details from the adjustable straps to the red leather lining is so luxurious. It a MUST HAVE!

    • GH

      Well Ms GiseleB, maybe you can buy me one then…lol!!!

  • Lux

    These are some serious bags!! You really need to see and feel these bags to appreciate the genuine craftmanship that went into the design of these bags. Inside and out- it’s all leather lined with beaufiful pockets. The more you look at it the more you appreciate it, then you will get all confused on which one you really want because they are all beautiful, especially the white ones!

  • hmm

    what are the big gold chamrs hanging off each bag supposed to be?

  • chloe

    In answer to hmm, the big gold charms are rings with the tote name inscribed, for example UL in script.

  • Sarah

    LOVE all the pictures! Thanks for including so much information. I can not wait to learn more about the designers and their bags :grin:

  • shan

    WOW! The bags are gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for introducing me to this awesome line. I can’t wait to spend some time looking into them more. :razz:

  • laura

    I can’t wait to get my hands on these. Would love if you could show more images of these bags. Looking forward for more information.

    • More info coming soon!!!!

  • jane kirby

    i am in love with these handbags. jt ul tote in navy is just so francoise hardy. c’est sublime!

  • ssandi

    Got the JT Hobo and absolutely in love with it, details and quality is awesome. It is the most luxurious handbag I own to date. Great job JT!

  • Meg

    I just saw these bags at Henri Bendel in NY this past week, and I fell in love with the flesh tote… the adjustable straps are awesome, and while it is just a tad heavy, the quality is absolutely amazing!! I’m saving for a really really rainy day…..

  • G

    I got to view these delicious handbags over the weekend! They are exquisite! The HB Satchel in eel is divine. It’s so soft and smooth and so much lighter than the buffalo or lamb. Anyway, I know Jeff’s sister (He is the J in the JT) and she has several of the handbags that she is selling BELOW wholesale. I purchased the YY Clutch in red for $500.00!!!! Hate me now…..:p

  • shorouq

    is there any limited edition from this bags?

    • Amaal AlOtaibi

      JT HB Satchel in Zaffiro fall08 if you are interested

  • robyn weiss

    JUST PURCHASED A $500 HANDBAG from the boca raton, fl. henri bendel store and it feel apart, that’s right, RIPPED in a month. they would not refund me my money because it was two day s passed a month. they had a replacement bag that was the same but the chains were shorter and they keep falling into the purse. leather is soft but quality is horrible. i will have to fight it on my AE card.

  • L

    These handbags are just beautiful. I am lucky enough to own three of them. I recently took my MC hobo to London. I wore it for 10 days walking miles in London. It was very comfortable and fit everything I needed. They are all wearing beautifully. Just checked out the new collection on the JT website. They are just beautiful, especially the new evening collection. Pure heaven!

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  • GH

    Hey!! What about hand bags that’s under $200???

  • bmp
  • Amaal AlOtaibi

    i have JT HB Satchel in Zaffiro fall08 if you are interested

    info @ whitebird.com

  • Terry Cordell

    Anyone recognize the logo of this purse