It seems like all I had to do is complain that I was feeling a little blah about the Stam, and Marc Jacobs rose to the occasion. First we got the studded-yet-understated Marc Jacobs Stardust Stam, and now he’s brought us the not-at-all-understated Marc Jacobs New York Rocker Stam. Although I’m not sure that this sequined-n-shiny satchel is best suited to New York – in fact, I think it might be more at home in Las Vegas.

Marc Jacobs New York Rocker Stam

And I mean that in the nicest way possible – I love this bag so much that I could just drool all over it. The name of the last Stam I reviewed reminded me of Sin City, and now this; does anyone else think that maybe Marc should consider doing a glizty, glamorous Las Vegas-inspired collection? Sequins would be the perfect place to start, and I love the ones on this bag because they’re not as expected as sequin-covered bags usually are. They’re small enough that at a distance, they blend together to form a shimmery, shiny whole instead of a bag covered in sewn-on crap, and the silver, off-center, abstract pattern at the bottom gives the bag a modern edge that helps it avoid the grandma-bag pitfall of multitudinous sequins. Viva Las Vegas! Er, uh, New York! Buy through Saks for $1995.

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  • otter

    Oh h#ll no!

  • Beth

    Sorry, I think it’s blech. Looks just like a fake from Chinatown.

  • MizzJ

    Sorry, I’d have to agree with the other two comments. I love the shape and hardware, but the sequins kill it for me :(

  • Merve

    wow there is a new definition for awful….NY/Vegas Rocker stam.

  • chloehandbags

    Well, I think it’s gorgeous – the HW, suede, sequins and construction all look far too high quality for it to be a Chinatown fake, IMO. :)

    I think that’s quite a common misconception, though – many people seem to just assume that glamourous design = cheap (Roberto Cavalli has suffered from this kind of prejudice for years, for example).

    Whereas, just because something’s glamourous in its design really shouldn’t have to mean that (to someone with an eye for quality, at least) it, automatically, looks cheap, should it?

    Personally, I wouldn’t use this bag as I don’t use top handles, but if there was a clutch version I’d definitely consider it.

    • Marie Mota

      I agree with you on this version of the bag but the other color wit the brown and green looks a lot cuter!

  • fuchsiafury

    I am mourning the demise of the signature quilted leather and tonal stitching and the rise of the sequins in the Stam. Maybe it looks better in person?

  • Jen

    Sorry, I think is pretty bad. Did someone spill bleach on it? I’ll agree that as a clutch maybe this would be ok for a night out, but as a stam I am not a fan at all.

  • Shana

    Stripper-tacky! (No offense to strippers, who, in general, probably have better taste than to be seen with this bag. :)

  • Linda

    Horrible. When you try to keep coming up with a new version of the same bag…when you hit this wall it is time to go back to basics. Stripper tacky….lol…but right on.

  • auriverde

    eeewwww, definitely not something I would buy! But maybe it looks better in person?

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  • Laurie

    I want to see it first then make the judgment.

  • rachel

    i love it…
    ive got a question if anyone can answer it…
    i just bought a 2nd hand marc jacobs stam on ebay for £100, it is amethyst purple and kinda shiny but i dont think its leather and also i noticed that on the current ones, on the clasp there is a little blob on one part and a little hole on the other to help the clasp stay shut but that isnt on mine so is it real? it does say marc jacobs inside and on the zips etc but im just not sure…

    • Marie Mota

      If it does not have the Marc Jacobs inside its definitely a fake. Thats one of the things you have to check for to make sure its real. Never buy a MJ purse if the metal tag is NOT on the inside!!

  • Frances

    The Stam bag is a sham, just got an email about the satin version for 2,450 on Neiman….Satin.
    Silly, its only passible in leather.

    • Marie Mota

      NOT TRUE this is definitely a MJ bag and they do not only come in leather!

  • Dee

    Love this stam! Totally fun as a snazzy accessory. I wear a lot of black so this would be perfect.
    Rachel, why would any one sell a “used” stam for 100 pounds?
    In the US these bags retail from $1,300 – $1,400 dollars. I personally would not sell mine for anything under 500.
    So, yeah … I’m pretty sure yours is a fake.
    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  • Nancy

    Nordstrom is also selling this bag.

  • Kendra

    Not my thing. (fb)

  • PrincessGarnet

    It’s definitely not my favorite either. I totally prefer the stardust anytime over this ny rocker version. Then again I hate sequins in bags, when they come off, that’s it. I rather have them on my cheap shirts instead. This kinda stam is something I might have to baby. And I don’t like babying bags! (iPad)