Nancy Gonzalez Green Croc Tote

The Nancy Gonzalez Green Croc Tote accompanied us down South to Key West two weeks ago. Braided, spacious, exotic luxury, all new for Fall 2009. This bag was one of our favorites from an assortment sent to us to review from Nancy Gonzalez. The braided handles really added a nice touch along with the rouched crocodile body. The inside of the bag is lined with light green suede and features many usable pockets. Another perk is the weight of the bag, which will not weigh you down and is light and almost airy compared to many other bags I own. This bag will be $3300. Nancy Gonzalez bags are available via

Nancy Gonzalez Green Croc Tote

Not only did this Nancy Gonzalez bag look out over the water for ships with us but also took a seat at a table with a sculpture. Very stoic and chic I tell you.

We are slow at deciding on our new category name for our exclusive photography section for Purse Blog, but we will be announcing our favorites this week from our giveaway! Until then, we still have more photos to share with you all that we know you will enjoy.

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  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, what a beautiful bag and a different shade of green. i like it. Did you end up buying this bag? I know it’s exotics but I wish Nancy Gonzalez and Adriana Castro’s bags were a little cheaper. I’d buy it if it was in the $1500 range but i can only wish it were that cheap. :)

    until i can afford such croc purses, i can only keep drooling.

    btw, very nice pic.

  • I didn’t buy the bag… just reviewed it and we shot photos. Really like it! But it is pricey. The price is good for croc though, but it is still a lot :)

  • renee

    Wait a minute. They don’t GIVE you the bag for reviewing it for them? Hmph. (Hey, I tried for you….)

    The bag is sharp and the price does rock for croc.

  • spanish moss

    oh, you look so good in that color!

  • Sarah

    OMG, This is flawless. Do you know when these will be available?

  • Emily

    ohh! This bag is beautiful! I love nancy gonzalez! I can’t justify the price though. Even if it made of exotics. Too bad because this bag is a beauty!!!

  • susan

    It really is gorgeous.


      it is very good, i like it very much

  • Fobobina

    Love this bag. Too bad you couldn’t keep it.

  • me

    Really nice, I like it and I’m picky when it comes to exotics; I don’t like most of them. And hey, its green! For fall 2009 no less. I think Amanda is right.

  • mette

    This green is fine. Having ordered one NC clutch and having to send it back, because the croc was cracking, I don´t trust NC leathers. Perfect croc is pricey, and since this big one here is priced so low, it raises doubts…

  • Jane H.

    Love the bag and the sunglasses!

  • chirpy_gal

    Nice bag :)

  • Sarah

    Mette, where did you order the NG bag from that was cracking?

  • Charlie

    Beautiful bag, you really rock it Megs. Love the angle and the picture. They should have let you keep it XD

  • Christie C.

    one word: GORGEOUS!!
    I love croc, and this color is perfect!!!
    Super pricey, though…

  • sstellaa
  • Sonya

    This bag is absolutely fabulous, just like Nancy Gonzalez. She is a designer after my own heart, her bags give you a look and feel that is breathe taking.

  • Kendra

    Terrific. (fb)

  • Assiya

    Wow, that bag is a dream….but VERY expensive dream :(… (fb)

  • Adrienne zedella

    i can’t afford any of these bags on any of these pages fb wish i could though, i’d buy alot of them! fb

  • Adrienne Zedella

    i need a bag this big! (fb)