With the runaway success of the Reed Krakoff Mini Atlantique, it was only a matter of time until the Boxer got the same miniaturized, hands-free treatment. Thus, we present the Reed Krakoff Micro Boxer for all of your warm-weather crossbody needs. Think of it as the fun-size alternative to your everyday office bag, compliments of Reed Krakoff.

Other than being proportionally smaller, the bag also has one other detail change you might notice if you’re a fan of the full-size Boxer: the belt on the front is fastened like a traditional belt instead of “tied” in the signature loop. Looking at the smaller version, it makes sense that there just wasn’t enough room for such a big visual element, particularly when it seems as though Krakoff chose to stick with the same size luggage tag as is on the original. Those two things would compete with each other distractingly in such a petite design, and I like the glimmer of silver that the belt buckle gives to the front of this adaptation. It’s clear that Krakoff thought intelligently about the design concerns of shrinking the brand’s most famous bag.

And, of course, we have to mention the color. How could we not? This rich, bright shade of blue is so spring-appropriate that I can feel my resentment for cold weather growing even as I type. Why can’t it just be April already? Is that really so much to ask when the perfect bag for the season is sitting right in front of us? Buy through Nordstrom for $790.

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  • Hey :)

    reminds me of the Celine Nano

  • Ingrid

    Omg I love it! So adorable! I agree it evokes the same feel of the Nano, but it’s so much more appealing in price!

  • Rose Dalia

    What an adorable bag, and the price! It is like the nano but it looks like its a little more versitile. I thing you could hold it on your arm. But I think you can only fit the nano in your hand. Does anyone know how they compare price wise?

    • kate

      I think the nano is around $2000….correct me purse blog team if I’m wrong!