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  • FashionableLena

    I don’t shop at Kohl’s, but this has me intrigued. I plan on seeing them in person as I really like the hot pink bag.
    I still don’t understand not wearing a bag that you love because a cheaper version is made available. Personally, I could care less what anyone thinks of my bags. I don’t see anyone woman not wearing their Chanel bags when there are designers creating very similar styles.

    • leechiyong

      Agreed. I have three original RK bags and two of the bag charms and a
      dress from the Kohl’s line. I buy high-end bags for the longevity, not
      the name, and recognize not everyone has the luxury to spend that
      thousands on a handbag.

    • Kate

      I can see both sides. For some people, exclusivity is part of the attraction of luxury items. If you’ve worked really hard to be successful and left behind the days when you had to shop for inexpensive bags at places like discount department stores, you may not want to look like you still shop there. I get it. I worked my way through law school, entirely on my own without my parents’ support, and when I was able to acquire my first luxury handbag, I was acquiring a status symbol I had earned and an outward telegraphing of my own hard-earned success. I was proud of it after years of struggle on a threadbare student budget. On the other hand, I’m more secure now, more confident and generally more sophisticated, so I’m less likely to need to communicate my success through my possessions, but having once been there myself I can’t judge others for it.

      • Sophie Proust

        Very well put.

      • Smithy

        I too wonder what ever compelled me to want to flaunt a designer bag. I’m much happier now with Rick Owens and Akris — not a name to be seen but a very well made bag.

      • ?? ?

        wow! your reply is the most reasonable one! with little subjective feelings but a lot objective insights!

  • Dani

    Are the luggage tags removable? Cause if so I’d like to see the quality up close as well. Loved his designer bags though I never got around to buying one, but to me these would seem to sell much in the same way as many other designer collabs for Target or Kohl’s have sold in the past – often highly covetable

  • Jennifer

    I have a Reed Krakoff Atlantique and a color block Boxer. I have to say that the Kohl’s line bothers me. The analogy of comparing cheaper “designer-inspired” bags to Chanel isn’t quite right, a better analogy would be to compare Canal street Chanel street forgeries to Chanel. These bags aren’t similar. They are almost identical.

    • Amanda

      I can completely understand why you feel that way.

  • shopper

    I think its great. Lack of money doesn’t mean lack of good taste.

    • Ruby

      Good design should be available to everyone in good materials at all price points. Or, at least they should be, if you value design and fashion on their own merits and feel they have a real value in our enjoyment of life. Perhaps this leads to the asking of uncomfortable questions about the real value of many very expensive bags.

      Even the high end designer bags have become so derivative of each other the past couple of years. Why do call low end retailers on the copy-catting and not the high?

      Oh well, so be it.

      • Finem Lauda

        Thank you for saying this without cursing as much as I would’ve

  • liddygirl

    Kohl’s seems to buy up bankrupt designers. Juicy sweats anyone?

  • laura

    I really like these new cheap bags but I’m glad I never bought one from the premier line, I would be furious that my $1000 bag looks exactly the same as a $100 one. Seriously, this is an insult from Reed Krakoff to past customers.

    • I agree, as I am one who bought the originals, three bags to be exact. And they are favs in my collection. I was and am very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship of his leather goods. I also have two pair of shoes that are well made, quality materials and just darn cute. While I picked up two bags and both shoes at the upstate NY outlet (thus not paying retail), I still paid full price for the third handbag at Saks.

      I am, somewhat insulted.

      • Annapbermudez3

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      • Stina Sias

        If it makes you feel any better the fake leather really doesn’t look as nice as the real leather, I bought one and returned it to Kohls

  • oh my goodness! so they basically just knocked off their own designs and made them in pleather for sale at Kohls? this is the reason I’m not a fan of contemporary designers. uhm no.

  • 8Lovelee .

    I think this is always the risk you take with contemporary designers. I for one am excited because now I can afford a bag “designed” by Reed. I am definitely going to Kohl’s to check out the Boxer Large Satchel. As for him not being able to go back to high end using his own name – I’m sure he’ll be crying all the way to the bank!

  • pixiegirlie

    I always liked his bags but never got around to getting one because of the price point. Even though I have bags in that price point for some reason I couldn’t justify it for his bags. I enjoyed the simplicity in his designs however it feels like a mash up of several other popular bag designs so not quite just different enough to tip me over and take the plunge. I will check them out at kohl’s and see what they are like. It looks like the larger bags are over $100 so I wonder if they are made with real leather. Mostly because I feel like that’s a high price point for a handbag for the average kohl’s customer, especially if they are pleather. I shop at kohl’s a lot so I understand their inflated pricing game, always putting a arbitrary high price on something and then put it on “sale” for a more reasonable price so you think your getting a deal.

  • Sara

    I actually like these bags. I wish I didn’t know about their more expensive forefathers. It makes me feel a bit off.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    This is a slap in the face to those that supported the brand. I owned two boxer bags and fortunately sold one while it was still worth something. My remaining bag is a mini and looks almost identical to the Kohl’s version.

    All of our original purchases just tanked in value. I know no one that knows who Reed Krakoff is so I could care less about the snob factor and having a bag like mine at Kohl’s. I’m mad that I bought Reed Krakoff at Saks when I could have just bought a Reed at Kohl’s instead.

  • Amanda

    I worked for Coach while Reed was involved, and after he left to pursue his own brand. I was never a huge fan of his personal label because I felt it played too much into what he had contributed for the last few seasons at Coach. Being surrounded by it everyday, I was ready for a change of design aesthetic. That being said, I can understand why a lot of his loyal followers really loved the simplicity and modern styles he produced.

    I wish that he had chosen to be more creative with this Kohl’s line. When I was working for Coach, they began to produce VERY similar lines at their outlets to the current assortment- and they still are doing this. It drives me crazy! I feel that part of a brand’s responsibility is to educate their customer about their product- and when you produce two lines at two different price points that are VERY similar in look and feel, customers can become confused about what they are actually purchasing. I also used to work for GAP when they did this with Old Navy, and it felt like all they were doing was undercutting their own product, AND with product that wasn’t very good quality. While Coach is trying to return to the exclusive end of the spectrum…at the moment, seeing almost identical collections at outlet mirror certain full price collections is disappointing. I think a lot of the purchase power for a luxury handbag also ties into the exclusivity of the item- along with the craftsmanship. I feel that you really devalue a brand by producing a visually identical version of your item in this manner. Currently, a lot of shoppers have a very price point driven mentality. Yes, people absolutely still consider investment purchases, but the larger market that looks for the ”best bang for their buck” doesn’t always understand/know that an item purchased at an outlet would rarely have the same life expectancy as one that was created for a full price location. This is due to a lack of communication directly from the brand itself.

    As a side note, I also hate that the Atlantique looks just like the Coach Baby Bags produced for the Saffiano collection…While Reed produced a lot of wonderful items for Coach, I just couldn’t get behind his own line because of these kind of similarities, and the lack of creativity. I don’t necessarily feel that they are on the same level as counterfiet items- but reproducing an item AGAIN, for a mainstream company like Kohl’s speaks to me of just how much his brand is struggling to find its niche- or even to possible stay alive.

    • psny15

      i totally agree with you, great observation

  • klynneann

    I was a Reed Krakoff supporter before his namesake line went under and I guess there are a few things about this that bother me. I own a Boxer from his first season under his name, as well as a mini-Atlantique and an RK 40 (all purchased on sale at various retailers). First, I find the whole thing disappointing. What has he been doing for the past year? Certainly not designing anything new, apparently. Second, I feel duped. It’d be one thing if he had offered this faux leather line first and then “upgraded” to a higher end line with bags made of leather, but doing it the other way around simply has the feel of being taken advantage of. I haven’t had the chance to see these bags IRL yet, and at first I was very interested in the bag charms. But while I still intend to take a look at them out of curiosity, there’s no way I’m dropping a dime on any of them. I don’t feel inclined to continue to support someone who doesn’t have the decency to at least come out with new designs. As an owner of the original line, I simply feel like I’ve been had.

    • Jan

      I agree with you 100%. I too was a Reed Krakoff supporter and loved the RK40’s when they were released. I, unfortunately, paid full price for two and then purchased a third RK40 on sale. I don’t spend this much on bags…Regrettably, these were investment pieces.

    • psny15

      i absolutely agree with you, i owned his bags from Saks and also picked up a bag at the sample sale when they were closing shop

      It is appalling to me that he just made the same bags in pleather, i feel cheated

  • Nathan

    What an insult to customers who supported the brand. I have 4 bags (sold 2 early on). I don’t mind when designers do collaboration but this is an exact knock off. He would never do this if he still has his line. I guess it’s all about the cash and there isn’t much to loose since he doesn’t care if we boycott his main line. It’s not there anymore. I honestly want to trash my bags.

  • Mom2 12paws

    OMG I am soooo happy I never pulled the trigger on buying one of these. I thought he was closing shop and opening up in Italy …. Whoa … Kohl’s? Just like when I used to like Gryson bags when they were italian bags, then the put that line out for Target… Ouch ouch ouch. My Grysons were put away and have stayed in their little sleepers ever since.

  • Stina Sias

    This was kind of interesting to me because I always wanted a boxer or RK40 but thought “if it were just less expensive, I don’t love it enough to pay THAT much.” Well I got excited and bought one of the Kohls RK40s but found that it just didn’t really mesh with my style, and returned it. I still think it’s a beautiful bag but even at $70 it wound up not being for me.

  • dborchardt

    I bought one and I really like it. I just can’t justify spending hundreds on a bag anymore. But I am puzzled by the extra buckle strap on the handle. Stupid question but does anyone know what it is for?

  • Teresa Mastrangelo

    I can’t even begin to express my disappointment that he did not even try to vary any details of these bags. While I know my bags are well made with wonderful leathers – it is really insulting to me that he used the same color blocks, same leather prints, etc.