Reed Krakoff Kit Bag, $1390. Reed Krakoff RDK Hobo, $1290. Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote, $990. All via Saks.

Sometimes I feel the need to reiterate this point when I sit down to write yet another post about a brand that I love: Reed Krakoff has never given me a free bag, a discount on a bag or any kind of perk whatsoever in exchange for a post. That kind of thing is rampant in the fashion industry, but neither Megs nor I would ever accept any kind of swag if we were asked to give a brand positive coverage in return, because that’s just not how we operate. We have more respect for our readers than that, and we’d never sell you out for a freebie. And it sort of sucks that I even have to say it, but unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed in this business.

With that in mind, perhaps Reed Krakoff should be paying me for all the nice things I’ve said about his company. But alas, he’s not. I just really like the bags. Almost all of them, except for a stray stinker here and there, which is a problem for every brand. just got a new shipment, and I couldn’t pick which one of the bags above to feature, so I thought I’d incude all three.

The only truly “new” design of the group is the Reed Krakoff Kit Bag, which features Krakoff’s signature neutral colorblocking in ivory, brown and speckled haircalf. Fall and winter color palettes tend to get very dark, so adding a winter white option like this one to the mix is an easy way to lighten up without sacrificing texture or luxury.

The other two designs – the Reed Krakoff RDK Hobo and Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote aren’t new, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. The slightly metallic leather hobo elevates it from another brown day bag to a luxuriously bronzed shoulder bag, and we all know that I love the color-mixing that goes on with the Boxer totes, not to mention that the false flap gives the bag a nice design element without making it difficult to access the stuff you store inside. And ultimately, that’s one of the reasons I like Krakoff’s bags so much – the people designing them seem to be keenly aware that they’re going to be used.

Reed Krakoff Kit Bag, $1390 via Saks

Reed Krakoff RDK Hobo, $1290 via Saks

Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote, $990 via Saks

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  • Pam

    LOVE the Boxer Totes! I’m having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite. Also, when so many designer bags are so ridiculously priced, Reed Krakoff bags are well priced for the quality of the leather and workmanship. Gorgeous!

  • mochababe73

    I like the speckled calf hair. It’s cute and ladylike. More than likely, I would probably move the big tag to the back or just take it off completely.
    That hobo looks like a Coach bag. All it needs are the Coach leather hangtags.
    Still not feeling the box tote. A little busy and stiff. Of course, I haven’t felt this one. A trip to Saks may be in order.

  • Jay

    It’s ridiculous paying that much money for “made in china” product

  • Sandra Rowley

    As long as they are made in China….I will never buy one.

  • Ashleyg

    I love the boxer totes too but can feel myself moving back towards a bit of slouch in my bag so I prefer the hobo. Don’t really like the anilmal looking print of the Kit Bag but I love RK overall!

  • gpc

    Just say no to “Made in China”…

  • Bkwok0913

    Can’t justify a 1k bag that’s made in china.

  • Tygriss

    Loving RK’s designs. It started with one pair of shoes. Then two boxers, one after the other. And then, three belts. It just doesn’t stop!

  • sosti

    Loving their Boxer Tote…. definitely a “must have” on my list during bonus season!

  • Shakeandbake

    LOVE his bags!! If only he made bags for men…

  • Classic Cool

    Recently bought a RED RK bag. It is so beautiful. At article in The New Yorker Magazine says that his bags are manufactured in the Cappellini factory in Tuscany, Italy. I don’t own a Coach bag, but RK may cure my Prada and Tod addictions…