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Real Talk: No Newly Released Bags Have Captured My Heart

It seems I'm only interested in repurchasing bags I already own and love

As an avid reader of PurseBlog and member of the PurseForum community, I spend a lot of time looking at handbags. I am always looking forward to the excitement a new collection being released brings, the thrill of a prospective new bag to obsess over. I love looking through photos and imagining how I would style each new design, daydreaming over the places I would carry it and incorporate it into my life. However, I must confess: I haven’t felt a deep love for a new design in a while.

Every time new collections are released, I “oooh” and I “aaah,” but I don’t get hooked. If you’ve ever been hooked on a bag, you know what I mean. The insomnia-inducing, stay up all night stalking the bag online, obsessively contemplating your purchase feeling that comes with falling in love with a new style. I have found myself passively enjoying new bags and even admiring them, but I haven’t been felt that familiar grip.

Celine Luggage Tote

Instead, I’ve been obsessed with shopping the resale market for designs I already own and love. This may seem like a waste to some. With so many designers and styles available, why repurchase the same bag? I see it as a no-brainer, as I know the bag already fits into my aesthetic and lifestyle. It also works out to be more budget conscientious, as I usually buy a second version of a handbag pre-loved rather than brand new since the styles are older and more saturated in the resale market. When you want to buy the latest must-have bag, you can expect to pay a surcharge, or if you’re lucky, retail price at the boutique.

My new (to me) Celine Luggage Tote

I had planned to purchase a second Saint Laurent Loulou, as I’ve been carrying mine nonstop this summer. I even had a color palette in mind, a gem-toned emerald green, but handbag fate had other plans for me. While browsing Fashionphile late one evening, I stumbled upon a tri-color mini Luggage Tote in near-perfect condition. I knew without hesitation that it would be mine, and I checked out on the spot. The bag arrived and is even more beautiful in person, and I haven’t been this enamored by a bag in months. I already own a Phantom Luggage Tote, which is one of the favorites in my collection, so I was so thrilled to add a sister bag into my wardrobe.

So what do you think? Do you find yourself loving new designs, or are you going for bags that already work for you?


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  1. Julie Avatar

    Louder for the luxury brands in back who aren’t listening!!

  2. Myla Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful bag, Lucy! This style is one of my dream bags but for some reason, I still haven’t found “the one” for me. You’re so lucky to have gotten 2! Hopefully I’ll find mine one day.

    And I agree with you about loving the older, classic designs more than the new ones. Feel the same way.

    1. Gayle Avatar

      Im waiting for a right mix of color for the tricolor nano version of this. Dreaming about this for so long but i guess i just have other priorities now cuz im currently working on my kelly. And im hoping to purchase a lady dior tricolor and chanel boy next (dont have these styles yet in my collection).

      1. Myla Avatar

        Ooooh I want the nano too 🙂 Hope you get your kelly soon!!! Rooting for you! 🙂

      2. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar

        I want a nano too…might be my next purchase! I hope you get your Kelly! Hermes is a distant dream for me right now 🙂

  3. thefashionableteacher Avatar

    I’m in the market for another PS1 in the Tiny size. Mine is in suede, but I would love one in leather.

    1. Steffi Avatar

      I LOVE the PS1 in every size, just added a Micro this year. 😉

  4. Sandy Avatar

    The Gucci Diana had my attention for a bit. I do want to add a mini Lady Dior next year, the Gucci Diana is similar enough to the Dior and an unproven style, think I will go for the Dior. The recent BV craze left me wanting, I just didn’t see the appeal.

  5. Ami Avatar

    I know what you mean. When you find the bag that works best for you, it is tempting to buy the same bag again. In my case, it was the Gucci Soho Disco. It is the right shape and style for me. It is lightweight, allows me to be handsfree since it’s a crossbody, fits all of the things I normally carry and goes well with my casual wardrobe. I already have 3 in different colors and I don’t mind buying more if I come across one in a good price and condition.

    1. Mari Avatar

      For the past two years I’ve had no interest in new designer bags. Now I browse resellers looking for Gucci Boston bags that I’ve always coveted, but never purchased since they were “out of style”. I recently purchased one, but on the hunt for more.

  6. Jenn Avatar

    Yep, this is me in a nutshell. I find a design that resonates with me, then I shop the resale market for different colors, special editions. My favs are the Speedy 25 and 30, Neverfull MM, Fendi monster tote, and Palm Springs backpack in the PM size.

  7. Steffi Avatar

    Lucy, I love your new bag!!! I am 100 % with you, the new bag style don’t speak to me at all and I have been diving into #oldceline on the pre-loverd market during the last year. I have purchased a Trapeze, a Mini, a Micro, a Phantom (loooove that bag!!) and a Nano and on every bag I have saved 50 – 70 % in regards to the retail price. I have loved Phoebe’s design for a decade now and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. So yay for second hand purchases, cost effective and environmentally friendly. 😉

    1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar

      I love my phantom too! I actually am so in love with the mini featured in this post that I impulse purchased a micro 2 nights ago! I can’t wait for it to come. It feels good to be head over heels over a bag again! 🙂

  8. Anna Avatar

    (Lucy — off-topic, but where was the photo of you taken? Philadelphia? It looks familiar!)

    1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar

      It is historic downtown Frederick in Maryland. My favorite!

  9. Kelly Avatar

    I agree! Nothing new is captivating me🤷🏼‍♀️ I have a separate handbag fund to make it easier on my credit cards and I’m just happily storing money away in there for the next one that steals my heart. Some good eye candy for now but nothing that’s making my heart skip a beat.

  10. Erin Avatar

    Same girl. I’ve been reaching back too for the same reasons you mention. I know what styles work for me and I think they remind me of easier times?

    1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar

      I hadn’t thought about that it reminds me of easier times—you are so right. Love that perspective 🙂

  11. Jasmine Avatar

    I’ve been the same way and was wondering whether it’s cos I’m getting older. Haha.. Then I browsed Chanel’s new collection and I just felt there didn’t seem to be any new styles from past seasons. So many designers seems to do the same styles in different colours and shrinking them down. Size isn’t something I can compromise on these days but styles I’d like to venture. Alas, nothing new though.

  12. Sarah Avatar

    I completely agree! I have only ever purchased pre loved, often vintage. I really only purchase classic luxury bags because I don’t find myself at all captivated by new releases. Quite frankly I can’t afford retail prices but I also find the amount of new releases in the handbag world feels more like very expensive fast fashion and I don’t want to support it. I love the hunt of the resale market and I love finding a bag I love for an amazing price. Just bought a luggage micro tote on eBay and I LOVE it!

    1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar

      What color is your micro? I just impulse ordered one 2 nights ago after being so obsessed with the bag featured in this post lol. Can’t wait for it to arrive—I’ve never seen the micro size IRL. Congrats on your purchase!!

  13. Tiffany Avatar

    I’ve definitely been repurchasing bags I owned and let go in the past (sometimes for the second or third time!). Maybe I’m learning that what works for me is not always the newest/latest, and (maybe, hopefully) not to let go of something that works just because something new seems more interesting or better.

  14. Mario Avatar

    I have found myself purchasing multiple iterations of a bag. I fell in love with the Tod’s Cape bag the moment I laid my eyes on it. Once I was finally able to acquire one on the secondhand market, I knew it was going to be a looooooooong love affair. I have now acquired 6 of the Cape bags (3 medium size and 3 small size) in varying leathers and textures, and I can’t wait to get more!

  15. Lisa Avatar

    Love a vintage bag. I seem to have a handful of shapes/styles I gravitate towards.

  16. Brenda Avatar

    The premier brands rarely use good construction anymore compared to old times (ie: stitched edges rather than wax glazing, hardware/zips, leather quality) The temptation just isn’t as strong.

  17. RachelM73 Avatar

    I don’t think the appeal is there because as a poster said, it’s just like expensive fast fashion these days. I totally agree. I’d rather buy a classic pre-loved Vuitton or Chanel than a new, less well made one. As for LV, they’re so all over the place I’ve stopped even looking at their website.
    The only big brand I’ll still buy new is Saint Laurent. Lovely quality and some classics.
    I buy quite a lot of contemporary these days. The quality is really there with some brands. My most commented on bag – it honestly gets compliments almost every time I wear it – is my Strathberry. It’s stunning!
    So I’m buying more contemporary and lesser known designer brands, and really only purchasing big name luxury pre-loved (except Saint Laurent. I’m about to get a new puffer I hope). Love your latest purchase!

    1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar

      I have purchased 2 Saint Laurents new in the last 2 years and I agree, it is worth it to me! I love my Loulou and Envelope bags. I hope you get your puffer soon!

  18. torquay-cat Avatar

    Totally agree with the author. As opposed to the new models, I keep searching for/buying Mulberry Del Reys and small Bayswaters in unusual colours. I still believe they are the greatest!

    1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar

      I have a red mulberry bayswater & love it! The quality is superb.

  19. Nicky Cooper-Mosses Avatar
    Nicky Cooper-Mosses

    I agree. Until you have used a bag you never know if it’s the one. I have favourite bags I have rebought in different colour or materials because it’s a great bag to use on the flip side I have bags I love that just don’t work for me too that have to go. It’s sad how hard it has become to resell as I always destroy any reciepts before they make it home. My husband has no idea how much I choose to spend but he appreciates they make me happy.

  20. Ash Avatar

    First time I saw the bag it remind me of a grumpy face and I still cannot unsee it. Otherwise i find Celine bags super classy and not trying to hard. Also handheld makes it very ladylike. If you are carrying it crook of the arm , I’m in love . Color combo you picked is very fresh

    1. Lucy Watson Prendergast Avatar

      My mom and husband call it my robot bag lol! I love it though 🙂 Thank you, I love the color combo as well.

  21. memsy Avatar

    I completely agree. I haven’t liked a bag enough to buy, since maybe 2018 or 2019. I’m also finding myself looking at secondhand older designs rather than the new ones.

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