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… I know, you already know. I got the messages on Face Book, the text messages to my phone, the emails are piling, and I keep staring at Vlad wondering when this ‘update‘ will be fixed. To be honest, I haven’t a clue and he is looking quite stressed. But the update is for the good. He says it should be up within a few hours as Vlad and the techs “finalize some complications that occurred after fixing a hardware failure”.

We’re happy to announce that tPF is back up. Sorry for the wait!

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  • scarlett_2005

    Thanks for the update!

  • posk51

    Thanks for the update! Good luck, Vlad and team :grin:

  • Valeen(QueenOfDa702)

    Thanks for the update, but it sucks that Im on vacation and never get a chance to get on tPF, then when I do…its down! :cry: Oh well. Thanks again!!!

    • Oh no!! Well enjoy your time off, tPF will be back up and running soon!!

  • LAltiero85

    Thanks for the update!!! I’m going through withdrawl…LOL! Can’t wait until it’s back up! Good luck, guys! :smile:

  • PS It cracks me up how many messages I get of people telling me how much work they have gotten done because the forum is down! :lol:

  • mmmpurses!

    Thank you for the update! I have been wanting to post about the deals found in store at the Saks designer sale, will see if the site is up before I head to bed :cool:

  • pursegal

    I am guessing ebay may have saw a bit more business…. :lol:

    Thanks for the update, we appreciate all you do !! Good Luck !

  • greenpixie

    Thanks for the update Megs – I am totally going through TPF withdrawals!!!

  • bagnshoofetish


  • monokuro

    Oi!! I hope it gets fixed soon! I’m having tPF withdrawals.. ><

  • biggestbaglover

    Thanks for the update Megs! I am going through some serious withdrawal though! Hurry please Vlad!!!

  • Alaska

    I miss y’all! :cry:

  • maria28

    missing tpf too…thanks for the update :wink:
    good luck to vlad and his tech team!

  • Shawna Allen

    I can’t believe I’m going to go a whole day without TPF…

  • Pursegrrl

    Hang in there, everyone! Sending happy thoughts to Vlad and the tech team…you guys rock!! Gosh, I might actually finish reading a (gasp!) BOOK I started a couple months ago :wink:

    • bagnshoofetish

      easy girl….take a deep breathe……

  • Pursegrrl

    …oh and thanks for keeping us updated, Megs!!

  • Jzlyn

    thanks for the update mags! and good luck to vlad and the tech guys!
    well guess i should go get some work done now :???:
    can’t wait to be back on tPF!

  • bellabirds DH

    I wonder why this happens so often?

    • Roo


      This happens because the board software has updates that need to be installed, servers that need to be tended to, and other issues. Running a board with 100k users and 6 million posts is no small thing. It is a 24/7 thing.

  • digby723

    I’m going through withdrwals!! I keept checking at work to see if it was up yet! It wasn’t but, I got a lot of work done haha! I also managed to finish some homework that I’d been putting off, but, I’d rather be on tPF!! Hope the update goes well though! :mrgreen:

  • Roo

    Hang in there Vlad. We appreciate all your hard work.

  • southerncharm

    Oh Darn, this is my unwind time in the evening before bedtime. How will I unwind w/o TPF!!!! Good luck getting it up and running soon!

  • Barb

    Good luck with all of us impatient addicts…

    So, FYI for online shoppers:
    In the meantime, Saks has a 2-day online sale today & tomorrow followed by an instore sale.

  • GayleLV

    Good luck! Hope tPF is back soon cause i am so depressed that it’s down that i ate a lot of taco bell and ice cream out of boredom. and im all alone too, cause andrew left me for Grand Theft Auto 4: Liberty City :cry:

  • Dallas

    I’m lost,I am nothing without tPF. Good luck Vlad.

  • cola262

    Looking forward to the updated site! Thanks for the update!

  • RazorbackBelle08

    The last time this happened it was two days! :shock: If that happens again, I might die. Really.

    Kidding, kidding. i know how hard you and Vlad work on this place! Thanks for the update!


  • Cal

    :shock: Crud.

    Thanks for the update *twiddles thumbs* – hope to see you all back online soon!

  • sugarcookie72

    I need to get a life, obviously…’cause I feel so lost without tpf, LOL :mrgreen: . Vlad & the tech team thanks for working so hard for all of us tpf addicts. Wish you speedy success!

  • kimberf

    Darn! The baby has been super-awake today, so this was my first chance to go onto tPF. Now what to do…I have a bad feeling that I’m going to buy yet more stuff from while it’s down…

  • irishgal

    Detox for everyone! When we get back on someone will start a thread in GD about “What did you do when the PF was down”..and we can all post about how awful it was but how much other work we got done!
    Thanks Vlad and Megs!

  • cc_l

    I need my daily dose of tpf!!! :shock:

  • Alaska

    can somebody text me when it comes back up? :mrgreen:


    When is it coming back online!?!?!?

    I can’t take it anymore. It’s been down since last night!!!

  • iluvmybags

    :roll: :roll:
    Hopefully it’s back up soon — I’m getting the shakes & going into withdrawal!!! :lol: :lol:

  • bagnshoofetish

    :lol: I think I’m beginning to crack…. :lol:

  • poohbearpooh

    it’s baackkkkk… :mrgreen: