This week flew by! We hope you had a great one. It’s our last PurseForum Roundup of September, and we’re going out with a bang–a whole heap of reveals, plus a peek at one of our favorite threads! This week, we reveal some small bags from Proenza SchoulerBottega Veneta and Balenciaga and so much more. Thanks for joining us!

Balenciaga Bag

We found two very smart bags in Balenciaga this week, both in the Early Anniversary Reveal thread from Maice. Her reveal of a pretty lilac Mini and a dolma Twiggy is fun and informative, particularly for those wondering what you can fit in these less-common Bal bags. Happy anniversary, Maice! Rainneday also shared a sweet reveal of similarly colored bag, this time a City in cherry.

Balenciaga City Bag Purple

On our way out, we spotted a stunning bag we missed earlier this month–London 411’s gorgeous sapphire City; her reveal thread includes plenty of photos that will make you wish this bag was in your collection! For more incredible Balenciaga bags, you can stop into the busy September/October Purchases thread, which is going strong and showing no signs of slowing down. If you are considering classic black bag, be sure not to miss this pretty Town from pinaybaglover.

Rebecca Minkoff Bags

Next, we dropped into Rebecca Minkoff and found a reveal of a wonderful Cupid in a color very aptly named “twilight sky.” Heart Star was kind enough to share family photos, and her thread has plenty of bags to enjoy. We really love the brushed gunmetal hardware on this new bag! BeachBagGal also got a brand new bag this month, and it’s a pretty neutral MAM that will go with everything!

Rebecca Minkoff MAC and Espadrilles

If you are not familar with Rebecca Minkoff, be sure to check out the the Action thread, where we found a fabulous modeling shot of Kpoxa kicking back with her mini MAC in a color perfect for fall.

Margarita and Guacamole

We don’t know about you, but National Guacamole Day slipped right by us again this year. Fortunately, CreativelySwank was on top of things and shared this absolutely luscious vision of what this special day is all about. Guacamole and margaritas! Roundup regulars know we can’t stay away from The Kitchen’s I Ate This thread, and this is a perfect example of the reason why!

Bottega Veneta Collection

We dropped into Bottega Veneta this week to see if anyone has picked up anything new and found that dintegrity started a thread to reveal her new mini messenger –Bottega Veneta’s Disco Bag (which is fabulous) and as a bonus, we got to compare several small handy bags and got quite a lot of thinking done about our next mini. Also in Bottega Veneta, there is quite a buzz about the new fragrance, The Knot, with our members weighing on their take. What do you think?

Proenza Schouler Tiny PS1 Bag

Speaking of sweet little bags, look what we found in Proenza Schouler this week! We love this petite lemon gem of a bag from member COPENHAGEN, what a treat! Makeupmama also got a new bag, and we have to say that this anniversary present really takes the cake. You can find plenty of fantastic photos of this concrete grey treasure in her reveal thread, where we fell hard for this color.

Fendi 2Jours and Celine Phantom Luggage Tote

When you find your favorite bag style, it’s magic. Ryrybaby12 has it bad for embossed croc, and this lovely family photo of her new Fendi 2Jours and Céline Phantom Luggage Tote says it all.

Fendi Karlito Charms

If you are a fan of Fendi, then you know about the brand’s whimsical charms, and if you know about the charms, then you know that Karlito is the holy grail for charm collectors. This week, BagMonsta stopped every Bag Bug charm lover in her tracks with her trio of Karlito charms. We love a family photo, and the only thing better than Karl Largerfeld is three furry Karls finding a happy home!

Well, that’s how we’ll end September here at the PurseForum Roundup. We hope you will join us next week for another edition of our weekly romp through our Forum. Have a great week ahead, and we look forward to seeing you right back here next Friday!

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  • SeleneMarta

    I am happy to see Maice’s anniversary reveal here! I thought her reveal was informative, as Pattie said. I love the bags in the reveal too. I also love the Karlito charms of BagMonsta. They’re just adorable! These weekly Purse Forum roundups are one of the highlights of my week. :) Thanks Pattie!

    • Maice

      Thank you for your comment on my reveal SeleneMarta! Thank you very much to Pattie and the PB team for featuring my reveal… It was really nice of them to do so, and Pattie was so very kind with her write-up and anniversary greetings too! :D

  • Sandy malik

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  • Daniel

    nice collection of leather handbags.

  • Renee

    I’m sorry but that shade of purple with the yellow rabbit’s foot is just Not how I’d choose to rock a 1600.00 Balenciaga. It defeats the whole vibe and looks ghetto. Why not throw a banana clip in your hair and a droopy pair of sweat pants while were at it.

    • Pennydreadful

      This is unnecessarily negative. Plus I’ve rocked my violet Bal with my hair in a banana clip while wearing sweats and I looked damn fabulous, thank you very much.

      • Renee

        I just knew you did. Was it while at a 7-11 buying a big gulp and fun ions?
        I’m saying that when you put it out there, people are going to express opinions so no need to be sensitive. I could go on and on but why bother. It just doesn’t look appealing. Both the color and the yellow rabbits foot. If you love it, hang the banana clip on there for the full effect. You go girl!

      • Pennydreadful

        Firstly, I’d like to clarify: It’s not my bag. Secondly, and more importantly: You’re absolutely right, you’re welcome to express opinions on anything you want. I simply find the second half of your original comment on this post (from your derogatory use of the word “ghetto,” to your rampant assumptions about the lifestyle you obviously associate with the word) to be mean-spirited. I don’t think I’m sensitive, I just think you’re a little rude.

      • Hierophilic

        child get out of here, you use words like ‘ghetto’ and ‘tr*nny’, is an elementary school missing a 6th grader?

    • Hierophilic

      “Ghetto”? Really? You sound so mature and not at all classist or racist by using words specifically targetting Black people. Thanks.

  • T

    Please don’t hate on me but that faux croc Fendi looks awful :( it’d be beautiful if it was like Celine faux croc but it looks like a fake birkin :(