Another week has come and gone, and here in NYC, the weather has been a little bit grey. I can’t say I mind the clouds and cool breeze, as it truly feels like fall is upon us. I don’t know about you, but the cooler temps make me think of cozy fashion and more muted tones like warm earthy hues and yes, grey. In my neighborhood, there is a restaurant called The Grey Lady, and it inspired me to comb through the forum for the latest and greatest of grey this week. I find grey to be pretty classic, and I wasn’t surprised to find silhouettes both new and old popping up within various threads this week. Check out the goodies that caught our eye, and if you’re not a member yet, be sure to join tPF now!

Bag 1

Like it or not, the Celine 16 line is here to stay. Our member MainlyBailey promptly snagged this grey lady after it caught her eye thanks its under-the-radar vibe. This shade of grey is the perfect year-round hue IMO.

Bag 2

Our member hjspell shared this Chanel family to forum in the “Sensational September 2021 purchases!!!” thread. That little Vanity bag is just begging to be used. Congrats on the new additions!

Bag 3

Dior’s Caro bag is truly beautiful with its Cannage leather and bold CD lettering. I like that this muted shade of grey isn’t overpowering to the bag itself. Our member michi_chi shared this shot to the forum and it stopped us right in our tracks!

Bag 4

Our member YAPPAY returned a Grand Palais as it just wasn’t the bag for them due to the large size. Instead, this Petit Palais in the Turtle Dove bi-color joins YAPPAY’s collection and they shared it with us in the “***For The LoVe of Empreinte***” thread. This colorway is stunning.

Bag 5

Goyard’s Goyardine canvas is super-durable and great for everyday use, and a neutral color like Grey is a perfect choice. Here, we have a Bellechasse PM that was shared by our O.G. member weezer in the “Artois MM & Bellechasse PM?“.

Bag 6

This ultra-rare vintage Balenciaga from 2005 with classic hardware stopped us dead in our tracks. It was shared to the forum by our member fayden.

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3 months ago

LOVE gray bags!

3 months ago

I absolutely love the Celine bag and the Balenciaga city bag is a classic.

3 months ago

I love dark gray bags with gold hardware. The Dior and Celine bags are beautiful!

3 months ago

Those chanel bags are looking cheaper and cheaper with each passing season. Ugh.

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