We did it, PurseBloggers, yes we did, another Friday is here! Today we decided to switch it up a little bit, and instead of focusing on one color in particular, we decided to do a little digging through the forum to bring you all things autumnal. From orange and brown to nude and classic Louis Vuitton monogram, we’ve rounded up all the fall things that went down on tPF since we last checked in with you. As always, we love seeing what you all have to share with us, so if you’re not a member of tPF yet, be sure to join us now!

The Bags

Bag 1

First up, we have this truly stunning Chanel Cerf duo. Both would make for an ideal fall carry, but the orange, in particular, has my heart. Thanks to our OG tPF member xsouzie for sharing!

Bag 2

So many fall-ready Chanels, so little time! Our lovely member fairylady shared this brand new acquisition to the forum. This warm light brown is the perfect autumnal hue.

Bag 3

Member ajde.adam‘s Loewe Gate bag was spotted riding shotgun. We love a good black/brown combo and this Loewe gets it just right. Off to the pumpkin patch, eh?

Bag 4

Next up, we’ve got this absolutely perfect Camel Chevre City, that tPF member Norm.Core shared to forum. Congrats on adding this BBag to your collection. Nothing screams fall quite like buttery, squishy, camel leather.

Bag 5

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas is the perfect carry for any and all seasons, and tPF member lvisland‘s latest addition stopped us right in our tracks. This gorgeous Valisette Tresor is truly a unique piece. Congrats on your latest lady!

Bag 6

Last but not least, we took a dive into the Dior subforum to bring you this eye-catching matte Lady Dior bag. TPF member DesignerDarling shared this cutie and a kitty to the forum after it arrived. This nude/blush tone is the perfect hue to carry now and beyond. It’s got our stamp of approval.

Want More?

Craving more? The Share Your Edited Bag Closet Journey…… has had some interesting new posts this week, and I’ve loved reading through them. Our members have been having a slew of fruitful discussions, and there are plenty of tips and tricks to be had. If you’re looking to pare down your collection, we highly recommend checking this thread out.

We still have love for the Small things that make you happy! thread. Pandemic or not, it’s always good to find joy in the little things. Share with us all the small things that make you happy!

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