It’s here, Roundup readers. November. The beginning of the end of the year. We love fall and intend to savor it, and what better way to do that than with some wonderful fall reveals from the PurseForum? We were back in Chanel this week, in addition to paying a visit to Christian Louboutin for some shoe reveals. There is more to explore, so come on in!


This week, we couldn’t help but linger once again in Chanel. Page one is brimming with threads from members needing advice. We were just settling to give our opinions on chevron versus square quilting  when this fabulous backpack popped up in a reveal thread. This Cruise 2016 backpack really fits the bill if you are looking for miles of delicious leather. Congratulations to kulasa87 on a terrific addition.

Members are also weighing in on the news that Chanel is not going to be servicing bags over five years old. (Hint: Our members give this the thumbs down.) Where do you stand on this decision?


Sometimes, however, all it takes is a pearly gold wallet to cheer things up, and we think xactrealty knows exactly what we’re talking about.


We always think of super-saturated colors and rich leathers when we think of Proenza Schouler, and even though vincent ko’s new bag is classic black, the sumptuous leather really shines through in these photographs. This versatile and stylish bag was a great find and we are sure it will be a wardrobe staple.

If you like color, you might want to check out cmars’ new bag in peacock, or, for an extra bit of excitement, take in the cobalt blue interior and fringe of this new bag from grnbri.


New Year’s is a ways off, and this reveal is from summer, but we nonetheless wanted to share these gorgeous Horizon Glitter Pigalles from Chaneiesh, which we stumbled on in Christian Louboutin this week. Graw got some new shoes too, and they promised to be spectacular. At first, all we saw was the bag, but then…we saw these!


Spaceflocke treated herself to these cute shoes for her birthday and styled them perfectly in her reveal thread. It’s always fun to see the range of shoes from M. Louboutin, and how can you not love a sparkly heel? Louboutin lovers will enjoy weighing in on dmand2’s collection thread, where advice is more than welcome.

Dmand2 is wise to check in with our members; these shoes are costly, and tPFers really know how to drill down for answers to important shoe quandaries.


Ahhh, the wish list. Have you completed yours? Tonimack has, and she celebrated with a reveal in Louis Vuitton this week. How cute are these? These small leather goods are from the Evasion collection, and as fabulous as they are, they are just a small part of the eye-popping treasure trove waiting to be discovered in her Wish List thread.


Missadhd grabbed our attention (yes, OK, pun intended) in her Louis Vuitton reveal thread–a fun reveal and a great choice for a first bag. This sweet shade of epi leather looks to be a versatile choice for this time of year, wouldn’t you agree? We also had to smile at MissAdhd’s shoe reveal, and we think you will too.


If the first thing you think of when you think Valentino is the Rockstud shoe line, you are not alone. But while the Rockstud is a mighty brand ambassador, the Glam Lock is certainly a worthy addition to any Valentino lover’s collection. And this canary yellow Glam Lock from clp moo em will certainly brighten up your fall day. Glam Lock fans will appreciate this thread, where our members show the love to this often-overlooked little bag.


We know there are plenty of Rockstud fans out there, and we don’t want to neglect you! These pretty shoes are j3nm4k’s first pair, and she is already over the moon at their comfort. The conversations in our brand subforums never fail to yield solid gold intel for those considering a purchase, and this thread is no exception. (Plus, pretty shoes!)


With that, dear Roundp readers, we leave you, and we hope you enjoyed this first Roundup of November. Mimmy’s pumpkins from The Random Picture Thread should help you get in the mood for fall. We wish you a lovely week ahead and look forward to seeing you here next Friday for more of what our members have been revealing and chatting about. Have a great weekend!

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  • Kimberly S

    Chanel lambskin really does look so soft and buttery *_* I just want to pet it

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