It’s that time again, friends and purse fans! Each week we bring you some of the best reveals and conversations on the PurseForum, our favorite place to talk about fashion and whatever else strikes our fancy. As many of you know, the PurseForum has evolved to include conversations about travel, health, home, career and so much more. But this week, we focus on bags!


Mansur Gavriel certainly hit the ground running when it launched in 2013 and quickly established itself among bag lovers; it has become one of our members’ favorite brands. While the bags themselves are fun and easy to style, acquiring them is a bit of a challenge.

This week we joined our members in the October 20 MG Relaunch thread, as followers of the brand celebrate the new inventory available last month. Pecknnibble scored this pretty camello/azzuero bucket bag, and you’ll want to visit the thread to see the other bags that found homes with our very appreciative Mansur Gavriel family.


If you are lucky enough to have managed to get your hands on your own MG Bucket Bag but are wondering what the heck to do about the string and knot, you will enjoy this thread, where our members fiddle around to find their favorite knot style. This is also a great spot to view lots of bucket bags and get your wish list in order for the next relaunch!


SakuraSakura jumped into the Bag Showcase this month and very kindly included a bit of backstory with each bag reveal in her Delightful Display of Decadence. This sweet Louis Vuitton Pochette Twin kicked of her showcase quite nicely, and we hope to see more of her collection in days to come. Perhaps you would like to drop in to encourage her to keep up with this very promising thread?


Lovers of a classsic, simple bag will swoon over cass1968’s collection thread. She started with this splendid Chanel Jumbo and kept up the momentum with more fabulous bags. We hope we seem more from Cass1968, but in the meantime, there is always something to see in the Bag Showcase, which makes it one of our favorite stops.


A new purchase from your favorite brand is certainly a treat, and even more so when the packaging is extra special. This week in Fendi, we found a fabulous small leather good (SLG) and an eye-catching presentation to boot. You can find JosephineB’s new goodies in the Fendi Reveals thread, along with other treasures from PurseForum’s Fendi lovers!


The Monster Kles is on plenty of wish lists, and we can certainly understand why! Also in the Fendi Reveals thread, aimeng showed of this little gem, and our members were quick to share their appreciation. If you appreciate the Baguette, you will undoubtedly love this purchase from serenitynow: a timeless classic and wardrobe staple.

Finally, it is always a treat to see what our members pick up when they cheat on their favorite brands, and our Fendi members certainly enjoy stepping out and sharing their purchases in this thread; don’t miss lumkeikei’s brilliant purple Loewe Puzzle bag.


In Gucci this week, we found another of our favorite things: a “My First …” reveal. This time, Julija posted her very first Gucci, a bamboo top handle bag in a gorgeous shade of dusty lilac. Followers of the brand may recall that Gucci is phasing out this model in favor of a reissue of the classic 1960s style, making this a truly special find for Julija.


Most of our premium brands have a long history, and Gucci, while not quite the oldest, has been blessing us with beautiful bags since 1921. Collectors often find treasured vintage pieces and turn to PurseForum aficionados for help with identification (or just to share). We found this elegant older bag in the Gucci Vintage Information Thread, and it is quite a find for cocobean1793–look at that magnificent hardware! There are many more terrific bags in this thread, so if you have a little time, you might want to roll back to the beginning for more.


Here in the United States, we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude and gathering in the kitchen to prepare to share good times and good food with friends and loved ones. For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we wish you a wonderful day. We are thankful for all of you, you make it possible for all of us at PurseForum and PurseBlog to do what we love and to share it with you. Enjoy your holiday, and remember: save room for desert! 

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  • Maice

    Love the Fendi Monster and the Gucci bamboo top handle bag!

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