PurseForum Roundup – November 12

Back to black

Happy Friday, tPF’ers; we’re back with our weekly roundup of all things tPF. This week we saw a slew of black bags being shared, and we decided it was time to take it back to black. A black bag may seem boring to some, but an elegant black handbag is a classic that every luxury lover should have in their rotation. Luckily for us, tPF was chock full of inspiration this week, so we rounded up our favorite black bags that members snapped and shared to the forum. If you’re not yet a member, be sure to join us now to talk bags and so much more!

The Bags

Bag 1

First up, we’ve got this stunning Twilly-wrapped Birkin 25 Noir Togo GHW. She’s sitting pretty soaking up that mid-fall sunshine, and this snap stopped us right in our tracks! It was shared to the forum by our member Kanwal84.

Bag 2

Next up, we’re heading on over to the Louis Vuitton subforum where gwendo25 shared this stunning Empreinte family. We love to see a Pochette Métis in action! She’s such a trusty little lady.

Bag 3

Member Bridgidu shared this snap of their brand new, Chanel Flap bag, This is such a fun, unique version of a classic and I think I’m in love. Congrats on your newest little lady!

Bag 4

balenciamags shared this snap of their new Loewe Hammock bag to the forum, and we have to say we love this one! We’ve definitely been bitten by the Loewe bug too!

Bag 5

We stopped dead in our tracks at this photo that member eggz716 shared to the forum of their Chanel 19. That criss-cross diamond stitching is seriously stunning!

Bag 6

Galgali shared this oldie but goodie Céline Envelope with Chain bag. This is a true classic (the shape and the color) that’s perfect to keep forever!

Want More?

This new thread discusses an article by Forbes about The RealReal and its authentication issues. It’s interesting to read what others think and read about their experiences as well. The chatter has just begun, so be sure to weigh in with your opinion too!

Love Bottega Veneta? Then you’re likely just as shocked as we are by the news that broke this week about Daniel Lee parting ways with the brand. The Daniel Lee leaving? is a great place to chat about Lee’s departure and read what other people are feeling about it too. Where do you think he’s off to next? Share your opinions with us on tPF now!


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