Happy Friday, Purse fans! Its time to kick off the weekend with a romp through the halls of the PurseForum. Each week, we bring you beautiful reveals and interesting conversations from our favorite fashion destination. This week, some boots in Bottega Veneta grabbed our attention, and we found a super sweet thread in Goyard that you will just love. Come on in and see what else we have for you this week!


The Met Ball dominated fashion news this week, and our Celebrity Forums were absolutely lit up with photographs and very frank commentary. You can visit our Celebrity Style forum to find your favorite star’s style thread, or jump into our Celebrity News and Gossip subforum to read our members’ honest and sometimes hilarious opinions on their favorite (or least favorite) celebrities’ style and shenanigans. Of course, all those Kardashians are represented, as well as everyone from Queen Bey to the incomparable Helen Mirren.

If your entertainment preferences trend more toward the cerebral, be sure to visit our Books and Music subforum, where we found this lovely pair of books in the Which Books Have You Bought Lately thread; it looks like clu13 has some nice reading and cooking in store.


In Bottega Veneta, PorscheGirl asked Who Else Loves BV Shoes? and she certainly was answered! We are accustomed to seeing beautiful woven bags in super saturated colors in BV, but these comfy-classic boots are a real treat. We noticed theBottega Veneta Reference Libraries have seen a lot of action this week, and many of our PurseForum designer subforums have gotten a little tune up recently–this is a great time to stop in and see what’s new.


And speaking of boots, bags, colors and all things amazing in Bottega Veneta, look what we found in the What Bottega Veneta are You Wearing Today thread! Mousse stole the show (and that takes some doing!) with these custom boots. While you are there, don’t miss Roma’s lovely photo of her beautiful bag and dog combination.


We are so happy to introduce a brand new PurseForum designer subforum this week! Mansur Gavriel is rapidly re-writing the book on the bucket bag (and some pretty sweet totes, too), and our members have not missed a beat when it comes to this brand. This week, we launched a new space for members to talk about the bags, and there was plenty of fanfare. Don’t miss the Mod Shots thread, the definitive Knot Tying thread, and lots and lots of bag shots.

This lovely bucket bag comes to us from the Show us Your Broken in Bags thread, and our own moderator JetSetGo!, who is energetically leading the MG charge in high style. If you would like to just drop in and say hello, there is a housewarming thread right here. (Heads up: the next bags are available May 14. Get the intel here.)


Goyard aficionados know that the stenciled versus hand painted design is an important distinction when selecting a piece from this historic design house. This week, CrackBerryCreme shared her experience searching out and acquiring a nice piece–a white Croisiere bag with a bit of history. CrackBerry shared her thoughts on her new bag along with her results after a light cleaning. We certainly think congratulations are in order–this looks to be a great find and a rare treat in Goyard!


Goyard fans and most everyone else will absolutely love this thread, in which we learn that jbigelow is not only a proud new father, but also a hero! We also learned that Goyard makes a pretty sweet and practical diaper bag. Drop into jbigelow’s wonderful thread to see how this understated bag becomes a new dad’s best friend!


Katev went to a Coach store and look what she found! Her thread clearly spells it out–this was an unplanned purchase, but it’s a stunner, isn’t it?


Hey, that’s not a Coach bag! You are absolutely right. But we are on a bit of a bucket bag jag at the moment, so we couldn’t resist sharing this great find from the Post Your Non-Coach Purchases thread. This pretty Kate Spade bag comes to us from iNeedCoffee, who clearly isn’t afraid to branch out a little. We also found a nice little accessory piece in justdefend’s reveal thread. There is a lot going on in Coach this week and every week, so we hope you will stop in and see what our members have been up to.

We hope April’s showers did indeed bring you May flowers, and that you are enjoying a lovely spring. We are so grateful that you chose to spend a little time with us, and we hope this quick peek at the PurseForum nudges you into visiting more often. Have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing you here again next week!

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  • Smithy

    In a gazillion years I will never figure out the allure of Mansur Gavriel. Not all bags are for me, but this is one I just don’t get the fanfare.

    • Stina Sias

      I have always felt the same but I’m seeing so many I’m starting to like them- kind of want the red and black o_o help I’m becoming one of them!!

    • Unapologetic

      I agree! I do not find it remotely impressive at all. For me it’s on the fine line of being ugly. I was never a fan of the LV Noe either. This design has been done over and over its hardly innovative or new. Seems to be the bag that is constantly posted on here.

  • Tured1990

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