We’re back! Thank you for stopping by for another edition of the PurseForum Roundup. We have plenty to share with you this week, so get comfortable, grab a beverage and let’s get at it. This week, we visited our recently re-vamped Jewelry Box, and then did a whirlwind tour of some of our other favorite stops.


We recently added three new subforums to our Jewelry Box! Now, fans of Van Cleef and Arpels, Tiffany & Co. and Cartier can jump right into their favorite conversations in special subs just for them. To celebrate, here is a reveal from each of our new subs!

First up, hennifer shared this gorgeous 5-motif Vintage Alhambra bracelet from Van Cleef and Arpels. We love when our gentlemen give us a sneak peak at a present.


In Tiffany & Co., leechiyong posted her beautiful Robedo Toggle Bead Bracelet. Why it was discontinued is a mystery; this piece is stunning and we so appreciate a chance to see it again! We have moved all of the Tiffany & Co. conversations from the Jewelry Box into this subforum, and it is already jam-packed with plenty to see and talk over.


AnnaKian certainly leveled up when she added a fabulous Juste un Clou to her already impressive, shimmering Cartier Love Stack. The Love is by far the most popular of Cartier’s offerings, but we have plenty to talk over when the subject is watches or the Trinity line. Come in and see, we think you will love our new format.

We hope you will check out our new Jewelry Box; no matter your bling preference, we have you covered.


It’s about time we got into high gear for late spring and early summer in Home & Garden. JesssH is working on her deck, and our members are happy to lend a hand–it looks like JesssH has definitely gotten off to a good start.

Home & Garden is just one of the many stars in our Playground: a constellation of non-fashion-themed subforums our members love to call home. This week, our Television and Cinema subforum was buzzing as the monumentally popular Mad Men series drew to a close. If you are missing Don and the gang and want to process this event, we are here for you! Of course, there are threads for every imaginable show, so drop in and dish about your favorite.


In the Glass Slipper, bagcat reminded us of Ines de la Fressange’s shoppers’ mantra this week in the Chanel Ballet Flats thread. Whether its a favorite T-shirt from Old Navy, or Chanel’s iconic comfy shoe, this advice definitely stands the test of time. Also in the Glass Slipper, we’ve got ideas on styling your Birkenstocks.


We never leave the Glass Slipper without a visit to the Aquazzura thread. These shoes are always eye-catching, and our members have lovingly embraced this bold line. This week, we are pleased to share CC.LV4eva’s brilliant new shoes, and she treated us to a modeling shot, too.


We saw lots of Tory Burch bags and flats on a recent holiday, which inspired us to check out what’s going on with our Tory sub. This week, we found hellotea’s Mini Robinson, along with her sweet adornments front and center.

Don’t miss April251’s canary yellow tote; this springtime bag will surely get you in the mood for sunny weather! If Tory Burch flats are on your wishlist, you might want to drop into this Caroline discussion thread to get our members’ opinions on these hit shoes.


Here’s a classic Antigona we found in Givenchy this week. This is Kyokei’s first designer bag ever, and what a way to start. Kyokei is understandably over the moon and already planning her next purchase! For another bag in this leather and color, visit X3SHAR’s reveal, where more beautiful photographs are really selling us on this combination!

Speaking of incredible Antigonas in timeless colors, be sure you take in this thread, where the linen takes center stage in Nashpoo’s reveal. If you are having trouble deciding on your next Givenchy, drop in the Antigona or Nightengale thread to help yourself along.

Thank you for sharing your Friday with us. We love the job of roaming the PurseForum to find beautiful bags for you, and it’s always fun to find non-fashion topics that you might enjoy, too! We will be back next week, and in the meantime, enjoy the week, the weekend, and this lovely spring!

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  • Leah6049

    U$%check this out –> go here now to check this out in detail <—

  • Hot Aquazzuras!!

  • All items from this article are amazing. Love the colored sandals and the Givenchy bag <3



    The classic black Antigona is gorgeous!


    • Lily

      The Antigona is one of the few bags that look amazing in black…. most tend to look really boring.

  • James Bailey

    Bags and sandals are amazing. I loved this color and I suggest online store http://www.trailblazesolutions.com/ , Which provides carry bags within client budget. You can review this site.

  • Passerine

    Nice purchases!! I just got back from a shopping trip with friends and came home with this Prada Vitello Daino bag for work (with a coordinating Missoni umbrella my friends bought for me) and, inspired by Amanda’s Saint Laurent crocodile effect bag, this Fendi demi jour crocodile effect/tortoiseshell bag for dressier occasions. (and happily I got both at 50% off the retail price.)

    • Marnie

      50 % ?! :O Where do you shop ? And they are both very beautiful by the way

      • Passerine

        We were shopping at Foxtown in Mendrisio, Switzerland. People come from all over the world to shop there. Given the strong Swiss franc, Swiss residents get the best deals, but even with the weaker euro, buses come up from Italy every day. Some stores do sell items that feel like they were made for outlets, but most of the merchandise is simply from a previous season. And sometimes even the current season. My new Fendi bag is the same one that sold out at Neiman Marcus and Net a Porter (https://www.net-a-porter.com/product/441921/Fendi/demi-jour-croc-effect-leather-shoulder-bag#). They also had 2Jours, 3Jours and Baguettes in gorgeous colors. I almost bought a Ferragamo Fiamma bag that’s still available in stores. Burberry had bags from their current lines. Ditto for Loro Piana scarves, Etro clothes, etc. It really is the best discount designer mall I’ve ever been to. http://www.foxtown.com/en/homepage

  • Beffe1965

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