Happy first Friday of June, Roundup readers! We hope your midyear month is off to a great start, and maybe we can help it along with some wonderful reveals, including a pair of gorgeous bags in Proenza Schouler, some pretty incredible bargains in General Shopping and so much more.


We don’t know what is going on out there, but our Secondhand Bargains thread in General Shopping is absolutely knocking our socks off. These Charlotte Olympia shoes retailed at over $1K, and our savvy shopper LuxeDeb snatched them up for $80! Dont miss mlm05004’s Louis Vuitton wristlet and Tomsmom’s cool shades.

This thread is definitely on a roll, and it looks like now is a good time to shop consignment and thrift stores, so get out there! General Shopping is a good spot to get to know some of our members’ best strategies for finding bargains and sale-spotting, so drop in before your next spree and see how it’s done.


How about this? We make a point to visit reveals when it’s a member’s first foray into the brand, and this gorgeous suede Proenza Schouler PS1 from cmars is a grand entrance indeed!


Also in Proenza Schouler, this sweet and definitely “white hot” bag stole our hearts. The leather looks supple and luscious, and the mixed hardware is a stroke of genius. Rowy65 definitely named her thread well, and we hope this is not the last small Courier we see on the PurseForum.


Did you know we have a brand new Valentino Shoe Subforum? Well, we do, and our tireless moderators have moved all the Valentino shoe conversations into this new haven for lovers of the Rockstud and other Valentino offerings.

In the Memorial Day Sale thread, we found these wonderfully minty Rockstuds that lucky member anasa scored at 75% off! This subforum has absolutely everything you need to know about Valentino shoes, so drop in to find out the styles, shopping strategies and everything else you need to know to slip your feet into these hot shoes.


And speaking of fabulous shoes, nncnxx showed off her new Christian Louboutin Argotiks this week, and wow. The Argotik boasts a really interesting heel design and is well worth a closer look, which nncnxx happily shares in some great photos. Louboutin fans will definitely want to take a close, lingering look at heidipipkin’s new shoes: Pigalles in the old cut style, and we warn you, they are stunning.


In Chloé this week, aurora0709 showed off not one, not two, not three but FOUR new bags! That’s definitely not a bad way to kick off her relationship with the brand. If you are not familiar with the Faye Bag, you will want to visit Mona_Dayna’s thread–she fell for this bag at first sight, and we can see why. Lotusfeet also got a new bag: a delicious large Marcie. There are lots of conversations going on in Chloé, and it’s a great time to drop in and get to know this brand.


Well, this is definitely not something you see every day. These beautiful Goyard watch straps come to us from Goyard connoisseur jbigelow, who, in a stroke of brilliance, had an unused Goyard pouch transformed into watch straps. Genius! Just another reason why we love our PurseForum members.


What’s in the bag? Hint: It’s fabulous! Drop into lvuittonaddict’s thread to see what’s new.


And, since Goyard was really popping this month, we couldn’t resist sharing gucci*lover’s beautiful pairof customized bags. Aren’t they cool?


Dear friends, that’s it for us this week. We didn’t want to send you away hungry, so please enjoy a little snack from TaRaUnnie and our favorite thread, I Ate This, which you can find in The Kitchen. 

We hope you enjoyed this little exploration of the PurseForum. It is our pleasure to bring you pretty bags and shoes from fashion’s most interesting destination. We hope you have a great week and we will see you right here in seven short days!

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  • Unapologetic

    Black heels and bag with navy blue skirt is not a cute look.

    • Doodles78

      I tend to disagree, especially here. The contrast in textures works with the navy. It’s enough of a contrast to look intentional. It’s very modern and yet, at the same time, men and women have been pairing black patent and navy for decades. Work it.

    • Smithy

      Also disagree. I love navy and black together. I am also a love of black and brown together.

    • dela

      Navy is one of the best neutrals that works will practically any other color. Besides, as you may have seen on a multitude of colorblocked bags featured here, the world is more open to experimenting with new color schemes.

      P.S. Not everyone aspires to be cute on the stye front. Stylish perhaps, but not cute.

  • marilynnd

    Can someone give me an idea of how much the Goyard card holder pictured above is (in USA)? Thanks!!

    • Dylan Propst

      I have one. Pretty sure basic colors (black, black/brown, red) are $250 and the other colors are $250

      • marilynnd

        YEAH! In my budget. Thanks so much!!
        Now I won’t feel shy going to the store.

      • Dylan Propst

        No problem! I love mine. Not positive about pricing but it should be somewhere in that ballpark:)

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