Friday is here, fashion fans! We found lots of lovely bags for you this week, starting off in Balenciaga and wrapping up across the pond in marvelous Mulberry. Thank you for ending your week with us, and we hope this peek into the PurseForum inspires you to check out all the available resources there (and perhaps get a little shoppping in, too). Welcome!


In Balenciaga, the July/August purchases thread has kicked off, and we love this peachy delicious metal plate City that beachkaka shared. This bag is just enough on the neutral side of pink to make a great wardrobe addition straight into fall.


Liznaj got a new bag, too, and if you drop in here, you can ask lucky Liz all about this stunning addition to her collection. Things are heading up in the What’s in your Bbag thread, where Kendie26 shared a wonderful Papier tote along with a peek at some small leather goods (SLGs), which regular Roundup Readers know are among our favorite things to add to our wish lists.


In Céline, we found a bonus in the Post Your Latest Celine thread. Mularice showed off her new bag, along with a pair of classic Chanel espadrilles–a match made in heaven. Also in Celine, Afterimage is considering a Céline Box Bag and wondering if the expense is worth it. This interesting thread examines the long and short of this purchase and takes a close look at this very popular style for the designer. Remember, no matter what your bag question, we have plenty of members at the ready to help you make your choice.


Louis Vuitton fan AyutilovesGST started off the month with a bang with this super-chic purchase. This beautiful bag was met with unanimous praise from fellow LV aficionados, and for good reason, don’t you think?


The Louis Vuitton in Action is full of amazing bags, fabulous PurseForum street style and lots of SLGs. And amidst all of this, we found time to enjoy a refreshing beverage with kouralakko, who certainly knows how to cool off on a hot July day.


You’ll see more of our members rocking their Louis Vuitton in the “Today I Carried…” thread, where you can find stunning shots like this one of shalomjude, showing off her absolutely stunning shoulder bag.


Ooh, this is a tough one. Pick this Fendi Peekaboo, or get a Chanel Classic Flap? It’s an enviable position to be in, for sure, but .Bluehydrangea. is looking to her PurseForum family to help her make an informed choice. Naturally, our members did not disappoint. This thread is off to a good start with thoughtful input, and we hope she updates when she has made her choice.


Lately we cant think of Fendi without thinking of these cute little Bag Bugs, and crisbac just picked up a precious one. These literal furballs are plenty popular with our members, and we have a special dedicated thread just to share them and show them off.


We popped into Mulberry and found a gorgeous, poppy-colored pochette that *Laura* picked up on sale this week. We hope to see modeling shots of this bag; it’s a pretty pop of color for any season. Also in Mulberry, Yvonne J showed off her first Lily, an adorable bag that never goes out of style. The useful little bag in classic Oak will certainly get a lot of use.

Thank you for once again joining us on our weekly romp through the  halls of the PurseForum. We know you love bags as much as we do and we really enjoy sharing them with you. We will see you again next week, and in the meantime, stay fabulous everybody!


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