Summer is rolling right on, and so are we! In this week’s PurseForum Roundup, we take you over to our Celebrity Forums for a primer on the hot gossip spot of the PurseForum, enjoy some bling and, as always, lovely handbags!


Have you visited the Celebrity Subforums? It’s not a place where members generally post their own pictures, so we have made a substitution, but the Celebrity Subforums are always buzzing with the vey latest in celeb gossip and fashion. This week in Celeb News and Gossip, we have been on Baby Watch in the William and Catherine thread, and we even keep up with members of the you-know-who family in their individual threads: Kim, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie. Oh, and Rob. Come join the fun, this subforum is bursting with a huge assortment of celebrities and up-and-comers!

Over in Celebrity Style, the Royal Ladies are a very popular topic, plus we cannot seem to get enough of Miroslava Duma and Miranda Kerr. celebrity bumps and red carpet looks are always hot topics, too. Whether you love style or gossip, PurseForum Members chatting about celebrities will certainly entertain you!

Special thank you to Elliespurse for the hydrangeas from the Random Picture Thread!

Diamon Halo

We checked into the Jewelry Box this week and found a nice thread from member muranogirl, whose engagement ring maintenance led to a little something special! We often see before and after pictures of bags that have gone to the “spa,” but this is a real treat! Congratulations to 13 happy years, muranogirl! We also spotted a couple of spiraling cougars in anmldr1’s Anita Ko thread – you will not want to miss these amazing rings! Diamond lovers will be intrigued by this thread on diamond fluorescence: threadstarter aquahot is curious about an interesting situation with her diamond, and it gets very interesting indeed! We all got a graduate seminar in diamonds.


Summer means travel for many of us, and we thought we would pop into our travel forum, Bon Voyage, to see where our members are off to this summer. As always, the Paris thread is very busy this summer, and you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about Las Vegas in this busy thread. We also have a terrific thread on New York City, full of all kinds of tips on shopping and sightseeing in one of the world’s favorite cities. Other destinations being discussed this week include Cabo San Lucas, Russia and LegoLand! Even if you are staying home this summer, our travel subforum is full of great conversations and wonderful advice for even short trips. Bon Voyage!

Special thanks to tiggernic for sharing her lovely macarons from her trip to Paris.

Kate Spade Typewriter Bag

Checking in on some other hot spots around the forum, we found a very cute radio clutch and typewriter bag in Kate Spade thanks to staciest26. Isn’t this the perfect Kate Spade novelty bag to take to the movies? We really loved this instant reveal from thegreenbean and don’t want to spoil the surprise! Be sure to visit the showcase thread in Kate Spade to see our members’ collections. Kate’s fans will also appreciate our Deals thread, a handy resource if you are building your collection. This is a relatively new subforum for us, so we hope you will stop in and visit soon.

Celine Trapeze Bag

We noticed a lot of activity in Céline this week and found ourselves knee-deep in splendid reveals. We loved this beautiful tricolor Trapeze that labbit_W received from her husband, a twin to abby80’s beauty. Members have posted more pretty bags in the Latest Purchase thread this month, including gorgeous Trios from sygg and silvericon. Also, don’t miss EMDOC’s incredible ID bracelet or the latest purchases from member tustin, which include some sweet little clutches and a nice look at a Nano in “moon,” a color we hope to see more of. Lots to see in Celine this week!

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9 years ago

Those “bat wings” make this lovely bag ugly!

9 years ago

And that Kate Spade typewriter bag is hideous!

Antique Nappa