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Happy Friday, friends! We have reached the end of another week, and that means it’s time to check in on our extended family over at the PurseForum. This week, we caught up with Relationships and Family and Handbags and Purses, plus we found some very tempting bags in Chanel. Come join the party!


In Health and Fitness, our 2015 Fitness Support Thread is well under way, as members support a friend who is hoping to cut a special sweet out of her dietHealth and Fitness is a great place to get advice and help with anything that is bothering you, including lack of energy, sleep issues, and those annoying allergies.  (By the way, this week’s photo comes from Arts and Crafts and the Making My Own Novelty Bags thread – you will be amazed at member quackedup’s talent!)


This breathtaking pair of beauties comes to us from the Non-Chanel Indulgences thread, where, snowbubble shared her Lady Dior right along with its Chanel cousin. Also in Chanel, Cosmic2561 is looking for a little gift-buying help, and our members are chiming in with all sorts of suggestions.


Cornish Mom’s reveal thread was a mystery at the outset, but we soon found the stunning Grand Shopper Tote that launched her onto the “slippery slope.” Don’t miss Timeless’ beautiful perforated WOC; it’s an unusual bag that really caught our attention, and we think it’s worth a second look.


Over in Handbags and Purses, we are impressed with our members who steadfastly stick to their 2015 resolve to shop from their own closets. It would probably be easy if your closet has bags like cupcakegirl’s jet black Balenciaga, though.


We also visited our favorite thread, the 50-ish Plus Club, where our members prove that they really do have style for days! A perfect case in point is this brilliant Mulberry Kensington from izzy48, but stylish bags are just the tip of the iceberg in this fast-moving thread. We also stopped into the Massaccesi thread, another conversation always topping the charts. (If you haven’t discovered this brand, you are missing something very special.)


Do you need a sanity check? Coviles28 came straight to the PurseForum for one when things didn’t quite line up on this new Neverfull. Members chimed in, and we discovered that perfect alignment of Louis Vuitton’s Damier pattern is by no means a sure thing. Neverfull fans will want to catch this reveal – it’s sbuxaddict’s first, and she treated us to a terrific reveal along with modeling shots, too.


Louis Vuitton never fails to provide plenty of reveals, and the January Purchases thread was a treasure trove this week. This pretty-as-a-picture reveal comes to us from KarenLV, who did a beautiful job of showing off her new bag and charm. Kvtindc has a double reveal to show off, and these new Soft Lockits look to be perfect for spring.


The little black bag is as iconic as the little black dress. In Gucci, ashooz showed off her newest acquisition, a perfect LBB, along with an impressive selection of small leather goods from several brands. Jlbanks had a cute bag to reveal, too, this time something colorful and unusual that was an instant hit.

This Lady Lock briefcase clutch from cocobean1793 rounded out our Gucci finds – the color and style are a perfect combination, and we will definitely be giving this bag more than a passing thought in the future. By the way, fans of the Disco bag will enjoy this thread, dedicated to this perfect little bag – it includes some peeks at what’s inside, which we love.

Thank you for dropping in for a visit. The PurseForum never sleeps – our conversations range over hundreds of topics, including fabulous bags, of course. We thank you for stopping by and hope you will come back again next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend – see you soon!

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