Friday is here, PurseForum Roundup readers! And what a glorious day it is. We hope the weather is fine (or at least tolerable) where you are, and we are so pleased you dropped by to see what our purse-lovin’ friends have been up to. This week, we spared no expense to bring you the best of the Jewelry Box, and we paid visits to Animalicious and the Bag Showcase, too. All this and more awaits, so come on along, let’s get this party started.


OK, as soon as you stop laughing, you must visit the Pics of Your Pet that Make you LOL thread in Animalicious, the wonderful warm and fuzzy (and furry) subforum dedicated to our pets. This is Hermes_lemming’s pup, and you all can guess what this adorable dog is thinking, right? 

Animalicious is full of support, information, and just plain fun! Right at presstime, Lillemy01 showed off her sweet new show dog, and we all learned a thing or two about what it takes to be a prized Yorkie. And sally.m sure surprised us when she put a whole new twist on the expression “stop badgering me” – this is one you will not want to miss. Drop by Animalicious and bring your pets.


We always get scads of positive feedback when we feature Givenchy, and this week, we wandered into hrhsunshine’s thread in The Bag Showcase and found these Givenchy beauties. There are plenty of other Givenchy bags to swoon over, as well as a new addition from last year that came in a Big Orange Box. The Bag Showcase gives members from all over the forum a place to share their collections, large and small, from every brand on earth.


We often lose track of time when we visit the The Bag Showcase – between the bags, closets and wonderful stories of how our members came to collect the bags they love, we could spend hours scrolling through the threads. The Adventures of Bunnycat and Her Purses makes for a good read with plenty of photos, and CornishMon happily shared the contentment she feels with her lovely collection. This week, we also stumbled across this splendid array of Louis Vuitton’s best epi colors – just a small part of what dxs shared in her Beloved Collection thread. Certainly a thread with something for everyone!


Well hello, gorgeous! In the Jewelry Box, our resident diamond goddess ame recently revealedthis piece of perfection. If you are a fan of a stunning stone in a classic setting, please pour yourself your favorite beverage, get comfortable and prepare to be bowled over.


And also in the Jewelry Box, some of you may remember that we have a remarkably active group of jade lovers who have sent Courage the traveling bangle around the world to visit the PurseForum’s jade-loving members. This week, Junkenpo took Courage up to the summit of Haleakala, the volcanic summit on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. Like your own jewelry box at home, ours holds many treasures, so please come and play among some of the best bling around.


We all love a bargain, and we all wouldn’t be sharing our special time together each week if we didn’t also love a new bag. A holy grail bag sporting a bargain price absolutely takes the cake, like bigal’s perfect little pre-loved treasure, which comes to us from Coach’s Secondhand Bargains thread – one the first fabulous finds of the year.


Right at press time, coachgirl5555 proudly showed off her new mini Rhyder, with plenty of photographs of the intricate detailing of this special bag. We found another sweet reveal: a Whiplash Tote with a feather fob, courtesy of morewineplease. Plenty of conversations are going on in Coach night and day, we hope you will drop in and see where the action is.


Kate Spade serves up bags with plenty of whimsy and a big dose of fun, and who couldn’t love this gem from superbaby, who also generously included an interior shot for curious fans of this great little bag. If your tastes run toward the traditional, you will not want to miss the cute bag and shoe combination that Apilila gifted herself at Christmas. You will find plenty more in the Show us Your Kate Spade thread, so be sure and drop in to see what our members have been up to.


No matter your brand preference, you absolutely must check out this thread, which started as a reveal and ended up being an instructional treasure that any bag lover will surely appreciate. What if your new bag arrived with a crease and no replacement could be found? Would you know what to do? Well, thanks to LolaCalifornia, now you will. Not to worry, this story has a happy ending.

That does it for us, Roundup fans! We hope you enjoyed this little snippet of what’s been going on at the PurseForum. We certainly appreciate you dropping by and hope you will come back next week for more. In the meantime, we wish you a happy weekend and week ahead, and look forward to our next visit in a week!

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Alexandra Bowman
Alexandra Bowman
8 years ago

Loving that Louis rainbow… and of course the adorable Kate Spade bag!

Mallory Fowler
Mallory Fowler
8 years ago

Purses and handbags- am totally blown over by them. Great collection and I liked the holy grail bag which is so chic. Personally, I prefer shopping for bags from the local stores in California dealing in womens fashion bags. The deals and discounts are great. For more info visit us at

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