Another month behind us, friends. It is time to bid February a fond farewell with some of great bags and conversations on the PurseForum, our favorite place for fashion. Christian Louboutin, Coach and Cèline were among our stops this week. Thank you for dropping in; we hope you will stay and enjoy our roundup of what caught our eye this week!


How many of purse fans have “done a thing” at one point or another? Alyssalenore shared her brand new souris Cèline this week, and we find ourselves again wondering if a grey bag should be our next addition.


This lovely, soft neutral struck a chord with us, and with Cèline fans, too. Also in Cèline, Merkitten scored her holy grail bag–a black and white mini Luggage–and shared it in a sweet instant reveal. If a less structured bag is what you are hankering for, consider this wonderful blue Belt bag mskll picked up. With an easy color and somewhat slouchy style, this looks like a fun bag for spring.


Ducking into threads where members confess to cheating on their favorite brands is a pastime of ours. This week, we got instant gratification in Christian Louboutin, where shoes4ever showed off these Fendi sandals–a stylish cheat indeed. These look like just the ticket for a happy spring.


Cheating wasn’t in the cards for Nikki2304, whose new Anjalinas stopped us right in our tracks. We love embellished shoes even though wearing them is a different story, but these are just the ticket when you you love a little edge but are also a little bit afraid to let your freak flag fly. We also got an amazing treat this week when new member (and our new man crush, based on shoes alone) m3steve shared some jawdropping shoes. Go there immediately.


See what we mean?


Miasvault says this Balenciaga is the prettiest blue she has ever seen, and we think she’s right. As luck would have it, following right behind this spectacular bag, she shared her brilliant Outremer in a delicious red. Miasvault’s thread is an important reminder that the pre-loved bag market is brimming with treasures just like these. Each of our designer subforums includes an authentication section, where you can get advice from our seasoned volunteers who are happy to put their eagle eyes on your bag before you swipe your card.


New member blueted dropped into PurseForum to share this week, and she wondered if this black City Bag is a good choice. If you are versed in the ways of Balenciaga leather, please chime and help blueted decide if it’s a keeper. You can find the conversation right here.


Coach members share their cheatin’ ways right here, and a trip to this confessional usually means some lusting is going to happen. Louis Vuitton fans will love MiaBorsa’s latest haul after stepping out.


Gr8onteej had a pretty good run at the local Coach Boutique and shared her fabulous haul in this thread. It’s no secret we love small leather goods (SLGs, in PurseForum language), and this collection of goodies includes some real gems.


Nice purse! Glove-tanned leather is amazing, and so is this color. And that’s not all in Sarah03’s reveal thread–we mentioned SLGs, and you will find some fantastic ones here as well. (We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but this isn’t the only bag in the reveal.) We really appreciate Sarah sharing her bags and accessories with us, and she kindly included some “what fits in this bag” shots, which round out what was already a great reveal.


Another delicious glove-tanned bag that reminds us why Coach is one of the most popular brands in the game. Thank you goofyds for sharing!


Kawaii7 is somewhat of a superstar in the Bag Showcase, and this week she shared some big news happening in her real life, as well as this snappy Valentino. The Bag Showcase is where our members really let it all hang out. From high-end to humble thrift store finds, we love a treasured bag collection.

That wraps up another one of our weekly visits to the PurseForum. Thank you for joining us, and we hope you have a delightful week. Oh, and since the Academy Awards are afoot: if you are gearing up for the Oscars, don’t forget to visit Television and Cinema. See you next week!

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