Here in Brooklyn, we’re experiencing what I’d like call false fall—crunchy leaves on the floor, a light breeze, and I even have a pumpkin spice candle burning at this very moment. It is all a lie, but I will enjoy every minute of it while I can. All of these premature fall feelings inspired me to do a roundup of caramel colored bags. If you’re just joining us, hello and welcome, allow us to explain how this works:

These roundups are made from a thoughtfully curated selection of photos posted by our very own tPF members of their very own bags. Every week as we comb through the forums, we pick out some of our favorite images and bring them all together in one place for you. If you aren’t already a member, now is the time to join as it’s a great place to connect with purse fans from all over. So with all of that being said let’s see what this week had in store for us!

The tPF Scoop

We’re starting off the day with this super chill Chloé shared by our member Ludmilla in the “What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!” thread.

Congrats to our member _gelato_ on their first quota bag, this stunning B30 in Gold Togo that was shared in the “What is your latest Hermes purchase?” thread! That’s a huge Hermès milestone, a great surprised indeed.

What’s not to love about this Camel Caro? It was shared by our member OnlyloveH in the “Dior Caro!” thread. I think this is my favorite color of this bag so far.

Next up, we’re moving on to a current obsession of mine, the Loewe Puzzle! This beauty was shared by our member gloomfilter in the “August Purchases! Somebody must have bought something!” thread. I definitely need to add one of these back in my rotation.

Now we have this dreamy Chanel Flap shared by our member GucciGoneWild in the “21A Caramel /Brown / Cognac color” thread.

Last, but not least, is this adorable Small Cara in Oak shared by our member Floridy in the “The Mulberry CARA – pics only” reference thread. Oak is such a classic color and I love this bag as a backpack too.

Want More?

Concerned about Chanel’s recent quality issues? Thinking of purchasing a flap but not sure if it’s worth the money after all these price increases? The “Quality getting worse.. Probably no more chanel 🙁” thread has been a really interesting read regarding the matter. In this thread our forum members share their own experiences with the bags, the stores, and the repairs.

A less serious and more fun read is the “What is your one thing that you absolutely hate about a bag?” thread. I love reading other people’s purse pet-peeves when it comes to bags, especially finding out some of my favorite qualities of a bag are someone else’s most disliked. That’s all for this week everyone, until next time!

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