We have just about finished April off, and we hope you have a splendid weekend planned. We are well into spring now and have lots to share from the PurseForum. We dropped into the Jewelry Box, Rebecca Minkoff and visited some old friends of the handbag variety. Join us below.


We all know what the blue box means, and for our members in the Tiffany & Co. subforum, it also means sharing with friends. In the Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection thread, we stumbled upon this sweet collection from raerae84120, who dearly loves each and every piece. Who could blame her?


We love the Jewelry Box because we get to see gorgeous, unusual pieces like this sapphire ring from kristar. We have subforums for the major players like Tiffany & Co.Van Cleef and Arpels and Cartier, but we love to see anything and everything, and that is what the Jewelry Box is all about.


That being said, we couldn’t resist sharing the lovely purseinsanity’s arm candy shot in Van Cleef and Arpels. There is nothing we can add to this, because in this case, a picture certainly is worth a thousand words.


We love purses; that goes without saying. And like the tides, handbag brands come and go. Retailers have said goodbye to several much-loved brands, but on the Purseforum we remain caretakers to all of the wonderful conversations and reveals that were part of each brand’s history. This archive of the gone-but-never-to-be-forgotten is housed in the More Contemporary Designers subforum, where favorites like Juicy Couture, L.A.M.B., Treesje, and more live on and on.


We know what you’re thinking! Balenciaga, hey, that brand is going strong! And indeed it is. But look closer and you will see one of our favorite little thingamabobs, the Juicy Couture Charm. Thanks for the memories, tatertot! 


We enjoyed some time in the active Contemporary Designers subforums and found this pretty purple Mini MAC from Rebecca Minkoff, shared by hilaryhath. Rebecca Minkoff has consistently produced well-priced bags that are favorites on the PurseForum. You can see more from this busy designer in the Which RM Bag are You Carrying Today? thread.


Speaking of the Mini MAC, we found another in the Which RM Bag are You Carrying Today? thread, courtesy of rockstarmish. This little clutch certainly tops the charts for RM, but you can see lots more designs in this thread; who knows, you just might find yourself on the hunt for your own pop of color from Rebecca.


We found a neat reveal in Prada at press time. Chaerimk showed off a sleek black Top Handle Flap Bag. (That’s a mouthful–you can also ask for BN2790.) It’s great to see different leathers from Prada, and this looks like an easy bag to style and carry.


We rather randomly stepped into Burberry and found a smart-looking bag in the What Burberry Are You Carrying Today? thread. This is Mad Mac’s bag, called the Banner, and we love the subtle use of the iconic Burberry plaid. There is always talk of trench coats in Burberry, too, and if you are in the market for this wardrobe essential from the master of the trench, drop into Burberry for help, advice, and tips.


Mulberry fans were on the edges of their seats early this month when a staff member in Singapore told a forum member that the Bayswater would be discontinued. As they so often do (and what we love about PurseForum), our members got on the case and came up with the real scoop from Mulberry Corporate. You can catch up here for the latest on this rather scary saga. We may see some changes, but is looks like the Bayswater, perhaps with some updates, is here to stay.

Mzhurshie made sure she would not miss the boat, just in case, and picked up this beautiful Bayswater to be on the safe side. For more Bayswater discussion, the Need Bayswater Advice thread is informative and comes with quite a surprise: lynnb’s incredible collection of bags in gorgeous (but unfortunately named) oxblood, one of the best colors ever slathered on leather.


If you are thinking Mulberry, check out the Which Mulberry are You Carrying Today? thread. WaterLilies22 put together a smashing outfit and you certainly can too!

Last but certainly not least, it’s been hard for some of us to say goodbye to Prince. If you feel the same, please join in the conversation in the Celebrity Subforum. Our members share the latest news, and this thread is full of tributes and anecdotes, too.

Thank you for visiting PurseBlog and sharing our weekly Roundup of conversations and bags on the PurseForum. Remember, conversations are international, and going on around the clock. No matter your interest, someone on the PurseForum is bound to be talking about it. And, if they aren’t, you can start a conversation yourself! Have a terrific weekend and week ahead, and we will see you right here next week.

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6 years ago

Reading the Roundup with my Saturday morning French Toast and the opening pic hurt my eyes with all the shiny bling arm candy! Wow, that got my eyes popping open (I just love bling). Thank you, purseinsanity 🙂

Sophie Helen Spiegelberger
Sophie Helen Spiegelberger
6 years ago
6 years ago

The pic with the VCA bracelets make me want to cry. I want that arm!

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