[Editor’s Note: This is our PurseForum Roundup from Friday, which we chose to wait and publish today because of the events in Boston.]

Friday is here, and that means another PurseForum Roundup! Thank you so much for checking in with us each week. We do our best to provide you with lovely diversions and interesting conversations to close out your week, and some weeks are tougher than others. Let’s take a little breather and see what our PurseForum members have been up to. This week, we visit Céline, read some make-up reviews, check out some recent purchases and so might more. Put up your feet and come along!

Hermes Scarf

Did you know that the PurseForum has lots of tips for shopping and buying online? Our Shopping Resources subforum is full of threads with information on VAT, customs, international mail services and more. And of course, we have some great threads bursting with bargain outlets, discount stores, and consignment bargains. Be sure to check out one of our favorite threads, the fast-moving Secondhand Bargains showcase. This week, Tuuli35 scored a great pair of Marc Jacobs shoes, and jholtzm knocked our socks off with her amazing find that we will leave you to discover. You will be amazed!

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Contents

If you have spent any time on the PurseForum, you know that our members absolutely love to snap pictures of their bags. Over in Handbags and Purses, we checked into the Instagram thread to see how everyone was styling their bags and found Busybee1984’s Speedys’ colorful contents. And if you are an expert at identifying handbags, your help is needed in the Identify this Handbag thread. By the way, Chicago member heidiandchloe is looking for suggestions for a great rainy day handbag, too!

Makeup Haul

Do you ever wish you could just RAVE about a new beauty product? On the other hand, do you wish you could share your disappointment in a place designed just for ranting about purchases gone wrong? The PurseForum has a wonderful spot just for you. Our aptly-named Rants and Raves subforum of the Beauty Bar has brand new Rants and Raves each and every day. This week, eyebrow threading and Tangle Teezer topped the list, but this subforum is full of lots of other great products to try, plus some to avoid. It’s a lot of fun to read what members have to say, and we always learn a little something. While at the Beauty Bar, we couldn’t resist peeking into the Recent Purchases thread and left that happy place pondering whether a new makeup haul like Miss Chiara’s might possibly be in our future, too.

Dog Picture

In Animalicious, we definitely do laugh out loud in the Pics of Your Pets that Make You LOL thread. Member 336 has a chow named Leo who doesn’t make friends easily at doggie day care, and super adorable Cooper tells his person psulion08 just what is on his mind. Be sure to catch all the latest meme-worthy photos like this one in this fun thread, and here too!

Celine Trio and Belt

We are seriously loving Céline right now, and so of course we stopped by to see this week’s newest photos. Member bagfetishperson definitely caught our attention with this reveal of a new bag and belt that we are sure will look stunning either together or styled separately. Vivid red was also on BagLover21’s mind when she selected this stunning Trapeze, while ThatMaloMilo went a completely different direction with her dreamy blue beauty. Be sure and visit the Céline in Action thread for pictures of our gorgeous members wearing their Céline bags and accessories.

Well, Roundup fans, that’s a wrap, as they say. We hope you have enjoyed this little adventure through the past week of the PurseForum. We wish you and your families a safe and happy week ahead and look forward to seeing you right here in seven short spring days. Happy Shopping!

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