If you are as addicted to the PurseForum as we are, by now you’ve noticed that the forum is down for maintenance for the day. The really good news is when tPF is back up and running, we have a brand new forum platform to showcase that I know you will all love! Gone are the issues many have complained about with the old software and in its place will be a fresh new look that you can customize and reliably enjoy across all your devices.

While you wait it out, browse around PurseBlog and of course chat with your tPF friends below in the comments section while Vlad and the tech team work on the transfer. We are so excited to show you the brand new PurseForum after the maintenance. Thank you for your patience!

Late night update: The forums have been successfully converted, but there’s more to be adjusted prior to being able to launch smoothly. We are aiming to get you TPF back in its full glory around noon EST. Thanks for being patient!

Wednesday Update: The forums are pretty much set up, tweaking permissions, and running a few necessary processes to prep TPF for reopening! We are conservatively estimating we’ll be ready to open the forums again around 8pm EST! Thanks again for being patient.

Wednesday Evening Update: The forum is done. The switch has been made. Depending on your Internet Service Provider, you should be able to access the new PurseForum in a few minutes!


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